Three Decor Hacks For Better Sleep

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Decor hacks

Sleep is super important. We show you how o make yours better with some home decor tips. 

It’s underrated how important sleep is. It allows us to stay fit, ensures our brain functions normally, impacts memory and learning, and has a positive effect on our overall mental health

Which is why, in this article, we talk about a few changes you can make to your home and lifestyle for better quality sleep every night. And which All Home Living products will help you make those changes.

Cotton Bedding For Better Sleep

Sleeping temperature should be around 16 – 19 degrees Celsius. The body starts to cool down when you sleep. Some people experience warm hands and feet, and sweating when they sleep. 

cotton bedding
Cotton Bedding

Which is why cotton bedding is essential for good sleep. Cotton makes sure that the body feels cool while you’re asleep. It’s a natural fibre that lets your skin breathe. Man-made materials will make you sweat and have fitful sleep. 

This is the key reason why Quilting Tree’s bedding is 100% cotton. With cotton pillowcases, quilts, and bedspreads. 

Diffused, Soft Light From Lamps 

As the evening grows, your body starts to relax as well. This is the time you should make your bedroom glow with warm light, and turn down all other lights. The soft light will help make your sleeping space look and feel cozier. And it signals the mind that it’s time to sleep, as it mimics the onset of evening. 

Bed side Lamp

Table lamps are the most useful for this as they create that perfect ambient glow. You can place two small lamps on your bedside table. Or bigger lamps on the floor. Choose from our large collection of table lamps. Make sure you place a bulb with yellow light or one with red light as that helps to produce melatonin, the sleep hormone.

Sleep Sounds

Another way you can prepare for bedtime is through sound. When soothing sounds are playing, it relaxes your mind and melts stress away. There are lots of sounds that help the mind and body relax and sleep. You can play relaxing music, ASMR, meditative chants and bells, or nature sounds like those of rain and waves. 

These sounds and playlists are available on Spotify and YouTube. You can even play a meditation track just before you sleep, to relax all the muscles and bring you into the present moment. 

Bluetooth Speaker

The only tools you’ll need for making sure your room is filled with these soothing sounds, is a great Bluetooth speaker. Connect it to your phone or laptop, and you’re all set.At All Home Living, we have a wide range of portable Bluetooth speakers from top international brands. Take your pick, connect, and create the perfect sleeping mood night after night. 

Those were our top 3 recommendations on what changes you can make in your home to enhance your sleep. In addition to these, you should incorporate good sleeping habits into your routine. Like sleeping at the same time every night, turning off blue screens two hours before bed, having a bedtime routine, and not eating heavy foods for dinner. 

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