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Green Living – Indoor Planting Ideas

Green Living – Indoor Planting Ideas

Indoor plants in the study area

Houseplants can be an evergreen home decor accessory (literally) when styled in the right manner. The movement of Biophilic design has enlightened us to take greener steps and live in harmony with nature in and out of our homes. And we have just the styling tips you need to add more greens into your home.

Indoor Plant Size

Getting proportionately sized plants matters because it directly impacts the look of your interiors. Map out the places in your home where you want to place the plants before you actually buy them. Once you understand space availability, you can find the right size of plants that will sit these spaces. Ensure that you know if your plants are suitable for indoors or outdoors by going to a well-informed nursery. It’s important to get the required knowledge of the plants too. 

Gain Houseplant Knowledge

It is good to know your houseplants. You need to understand their growth patterns and the care needed to grow them. If you are not ready to invest a lot of time, you should get plants that thrive with the least attention. But remember least attention does not mean ignorance. If you enjoy gardening and know that you will have extra time to give to your houseplants, go right in and get the plants you love!

Position and Placement

The most common mistake while introducing houseplants is not experimenting enough with placements. For instance, introduce plants as centerpieces for islands or living rooms or even hanging plants by the ceiling. Larger plants can be placed on the floor. Medium to small-sized plants can go on the bookshelf, a side table or a tall rack in the living room. You can introduce smaller plants like succulents or cactuses on your desk, in the study.

Grooming your Plant

Plant grooming is necessary especially when the plants are an aesthetic part of your interior. By grooming we mean, cutting, shaping if required and timely use of necessary fertilizers. Your houseplants need to have a healthy growth to look aesthetically pleasing. If not groomed well, unmanaged houseplants can give a lousy look to your interiors. 

Using the Right Planters

Ensure the color, texture or material of the planter suit the theme of your interiors. Material plays a major role because when the plant grows in size. The maintenance becomes difficult if the planter is not of durable quality. It should not be too heavy or large or it can make cleaning difficult and the plant unmanageable. If the plant requires a large planter, it should be placed in a manner that you don’t have to move it too often. And lastly, if you are forgetful of watering your plants, you can get self-watering planters to help make your job easy.

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Seems like a lot? It’s not really. It hardly requires ten to fifteen minutes daily. Not to mention, taking care of plants is meditative. And having plants in your home only makes the home environment naturally refreshing and positive. It’s definitely a considerable choice towards green living and an easy one at that!

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