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AHL’s Top Home Decor Picks For a Happy 2022

By Shabana Feroze | Updated February 1, 2022
AHL’s Top Home Decor Picks For a Happy 2022

Picking Out the Best Pieces from Our Versatile Collection, to Add Newness to Your Home for the New Year. Ahl’s Top Home Decor Picks for a Happy 2022.

New year, new you, they say. Well, new year, new home, we say. We don’t want you to move homes. Not even uphaul your entire interiors. We’re saying, add a few new things.

It doesn’t take much to change up your interiors with well placed and well-chosen home decor items. Changing a light here, switching up your wall decor there, moving some furniture around. It makes your home’s interior design look refreshed and new. Ready to bring on a new year of positivity and change.

So here are our top picks from the AHL collection that we think will add that touch of newness for a bright and happy 2022.
AHL’s Top Home Decor Picks For a Happy 2022 are:

Ivory and Green Velvet Rug by Quilting Tree

You could pick king size bedspreads for your king-size bed and some beautiful bedspread sets that will go with every occasion you would have at your home, and also cozy throw blankets or play mats for your rug rats. All of these goodies from our bedding brand, Quilting Tree, will make your space feel energized and refreshed.

A velvet rug can be a great investment for any space. So, we’re suggesting the Ivory and Green Velvet Rug because of how quickly it’ll transform a room. And the soothing colours and simple floral pattern that makes it go with all types of  interior designs.

Copper Handblown Clear Glass Pendant Light

It’s so much easy to add a royal touch to any room with pendant lights. Add a royal touch to any room with this Clear Glass Pendant Light by Casamotion.  The crystal-inspired light provides plenty of illumination in every room they put in. With its copper accents, it’s a great addition that boasts an understated elegance. The transparent glass, classic shape and copper make it perfect for matching any and all interior design styles.

And of course, if this isn’t for you, we have a wide collection of pendant lights in different shapes and colours for you to choose from.

Abstract Drip Art Painting On Metal

An abstract art piece consists of two or more colors, shapes, and lines that are not produced by a recognizable object. Abstract paintings always look interesting because of how they can be interpreted. Abstract art allows you to develop your own interpretive ideas about the subject matter. With shades of whites, brown and grey, and accented with gold leaf, this painting is your 2022 glam home decor addition.

The painting uses Drip Art in which the paint is allowed to freely mix as it drips down the surface. Vertical brush strokes bring all the colours together and create a wondrous gradient. The painting’s on a metal canvas, making the entire art piece unique. Check ou more metal wall art here

Modern & Contemporary Beveled Accent Mirror

A beveled mirror will make your reflection look flawless. An extra layer of glass is added to the top of a regular mirror to create a beveled mirror. This adds a beautiful edge to the top of the mirror and eliminates any unattractive distortions that can be seen in older mirrors.

An enigma in sleek sophistication, this wall mirror with a bevelled frame will pull a room’s interiors together like nothing else. It’s a great bold statement to add to your living room or to bring life to an empty wall. Try it above your dressing table for an elegant addition to your bedroom.

The clean lines and glossy black finish and classic rectangular shape make it a multi-tasker that can go in any room and with any decor.

Small Venetian Mirrored Coffee Table

If you can’t get a new coffee table for your living room during the new year, then when can you? The centrepiece of your main area, a coffee table will revamp your whole living room. Small coffee tables are a charming, fashionable, and practical decorative accessory that can brighten up any space. They’ve been around since the 1990s and are still popular today because to their mirrored glass surfaces, which add a unique, elegant touch to any home. For 2022, we recommend this small mirrored table in a Venetian design.

Because of its size, you can place it in front of any couch or seating. The sleek lines and classic shape make it easy to coordinate with your existing furniture. Handcrafted in our exclusive factories in India, the finishing of all our mirrored furniture is executed to perfection.

Those were our top picks to rejuvenate and revitalize your home decor in 2022

. Which one’s your favourite? Don’t be disappointed if you didn’t like any of the above. Go shopping on our site and choose from a wide range of furniture, wall art, decorative mirrors for every room, Victorian frames, cuckoo clocks, unique bedding, and so much more!

We deliver all over India. We even provide live viewing of all our products so you’re fully satisfied before placing your order.

Wishing you a wonderful new year filled with happy memories at home. Here’s to a beautiful 2022.

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