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Baby Quilted Play Mats

Quilting Tree is All Home Living’s brand based in Pune, Maharashtra, is an Indian brand that offers the most immeasurable home furnishings.

These baby playmats are colourful and attractive with soft cushioning inside for your infant and toddler. Use them as playmats for babies or sleepmat for your baby. Its a multipurpose mat.

With years of experience in the furnishing industry, Quilting Tree has become one of the most valuable and stable brands. It manufactures a wide variety of home furnishings, including beddings, blankets, quilts, cushion covers, pillows, rugs, carpets, mats, play mats, throws, etc. The brand has outstanding artistry and has a team of highly skilled individuals. Every product is made with meticulous care using good quality material. It offers the best sales and after service to the customers.

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Quilting Tree brings you an exclusive range of Baby Quilted Play mats. The baby Quilted play mats are colorful with vibrant colors. These baby play mats are easy to use and care as they are machine washable. All the baby play mats reverse to a beautiful and attractive print.

Care has to be taken specially when infants play as they need a soft play mat to lie and play on. All the baby play mats are hypoallergenic. So our play friendly mats uses soft fabric that wears well and are easy to wash.

These play mats can be used from the infant days till the bay can sit and play on them. These are safe and stylish play mats for your babies. You can also use these play mats as sleeping mats for infants to toddlers. There is a wide range of kids bedding available online. We at All Home Living satisfy all your home decor needs be it a photo frame set , cuckoo clock or a home theatre system package for your home . We have it all.

How is a Baby Play Mat Different from Ordinary Mats?

A baby play mat is created keeping in mind all the factors that can affect a child mentally and physically. The designs, patterns, and materials used to make these mats pay special attention to a child’s growth, happiness, and comfort. Varied patterns and textures allow the child to play effectively.

Importance of Good Baby Play Mats in Your Home

We often overlook the importance of a good baby play mat. A suitable play mat for your kid can be a boon. It can be used in multiple ways and helps to protect your child from various hazards.

A well-designed play mat can make the difference by keeping the child occupied and protected from dirt, germs, and getting hurt from the hard floor. Different patterns on these play mats can also replace the toys and help the kids be more active.

In the list, are mentioned some points to describe the importance of good kid’s play mats:

  • Provides Safety
  • Provides Comfort
  • Provides Warmth
  • Increase activity
  • Increase grasping power
  • Helps in learning
  • Helps in brain stimulation
  • Helps to focus
  • Strengthens the muscle
  • Analytic development
  • Optical development
  • Helps create alertness
  • Helps in overall growth and development

Types of Kids Play Mat by Quilting Tree

Quilting Tree provides numerous play mats for kids in several shapes, sizes, textures, designs, and patterns. Every play mat is of high quality; you can select the play mat based on your child’s usage and interest.

In the list, are mentioned some of the best-designed kid’s play mats by Quilting Tree:

  • Play mats for baby girl
  • Play mats for baby boy
  • Baby activity play mats
  • Baby cushioned play mats
  • Baby crawling play mats
  • Baby quilted play mats
  • Alphabet themed baby play mats
  • Animal themed baby play mats
  • Princess play mats
  • Numbers baby play mats
  • Cars and Planes themed baby play mats
  • Colorful Jungle play mats
  • Transport play mats
  • Patchwork play mats
  • Floral play mats
  • Play mat cum comforter, and many more

Benefits of Choosing Quilting Tree’s Play mats

Quilting Tree is a brand that is known for its quality and amazingly designed products. It has countless options to choose from. The brand designs all the products according to the customer’s interest and demands.

Choosing Quilting Tree for your home decoration solutions can be the best deal for you. The brand is recognized by people all over India and is trusted by home design enthusiasts, professionals, and experts.

In the list, are mentioned the top 15 benefits of choosing kids play mats by Quilting Tree:

  1. High-quality material
  2. Machine washable
  3. Hypoallergenic
  4. Artistic patterns
  5. Easy to use
  6. Easy to maintain
  7. Breathable fabric
  8. Lively colors
  9. Durable
  10. Fade-resistant
  11. Safe (free from toxins)
  12. Versatile
  13. Clean construction
  14. Soft texture
  15. Cost-friendly

Quilting Tree’s Aim

Quilting Tree aims at providing exceptional quality products to its customers. Intending to maintain a long-term relationship with its customers, the brand does not compromise quality while manufacturing. Its goal is to be a brand that provides the best bedding and home furnishing items at a competitive price.


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Please Note: These playmats are shipped with in 24 hrs. Please do leave us a not if you want to gift wrap them.

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