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Exclusive Wall Clock Designs : A Sneak Peak

By Farida Khanbhadur | Updated February 1, 2022
Exclusive Wall Clock Designs : A Sneak Peak

With the advancement of technology do you think the traditional style of seeing time has been replaced ? Certainly not !!! wall clocks are still popular in everybody’s house. By adding unique and exclusive wall clocks to your home you also create an additional style statement to your wall decor. Wall clocks add minimalistic vibe to all types of home interiors. Modern technologies like computer, cellphones and tablet may have made people look up to them for time but i still feel that the wall cocks will always remain.

Here are few unique and exclusive designer wall clocks designs which you can add up to your wall to create a wow factor in your house.

Hoashi Sparrow Clock

This Haoshi sparrow wall clock with a modern twist acts as a wall art as well. These beautiful sparrows are of resin wood with utmost finesse. The grey and yellow hands of the clock reveal the passing of dusk to dawn with the passing of time.

Seiko Melodies In Motion

This melodious wall clock by Seiko is embedded with swaroski crystals. And every hour the dial parts open up and rotate playing 18 melodious music. There is also a light sensor in it , which stops it from playing music at night. This wall clock is readily available online. It is from a well known clock company Seiko.

Modern Designer Wall Clock

This metal and brass beautiful modern wall clock is a stunning piece to make any room look attractive. This modern wall clock has a german mechanism with a double frame and the hands of the clock are of calabo wood and the inner structure is of brass.

Koziol Silk Wall Clock

A very modern and stylish wall clock which you can place in any of your rooms be it kitchen, living room, bedroom or dining area. This designer wall clock is of plastic material of very high quality and finish. This is a german clock from a reputed company called koziol.

Modern & Round Station Wall Clock

This is a wrought iron finish wall clock in aged iron which can complement any room decor. The finishing of the wall clock is in antique and gold finish on the roman numerals. Youcan hear a ticking sound on the movement of the hands. The manufacturer of this clock Howard Miller founded in 1926 pays attention in detailing in these artsy timepieces.

Modern Cuckoo Clock

These classic white wooden cuckoo wall clocks from Kairos are perfect timepieces for all your modern homes. The cuckoo comes out every hour and makes a cuckoo sound which has a night mode. The cuckoo clocks are an all time favourite wall clock master pieces.

Traditional Wooden Cuckoo Clock

This traditional wooden cuckoo clock reminds everyone of the blackforest in Germany from where it came to be known. These German cuckoo clocks are always a delight to watch. They specialise for the intricate detailing in wood. These traditional cuckoo wall clocks is suitable for any colour room decor.

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