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Add Metal Wall Clocks To Create Minimalistic Vibe

By Shabana Feroze | Updated January 27, 2022
Add Metal Wall Clocks To Create Minimalistic Vibe

Want to Add a Minimalist Vibe Without Throwing All Your Furniture Out? Our Interior Design Experts Show You How, with Exquisite Handcrafted Designer Metal Wall Clocks.

Before, clocks were a functional piece, they were only required to tell the time. Now with us having clocks on our electronic devices and smartphones, wall clocks have taken the role of being a style element in your home interiors and they are doing a great job.

The right wall clock serves as the focal point of your room’s decor. Decorative wall clocks are one of the great art pieces to reinforce the design of your space. You can display the clock by itself or make it a stylish addition to a gallery wall.

In this article, we show you how metal wall clocks can be the perfect addition to your home for a minimalist vibe. And it doesn’t matter if the rest of your furniture doesn’t follow a minimalist theme, because these clocks will bring that element to your space.

The Grunge Industrial Look with Black Metal Clocks

These wall clocks are made from iron, with a beautiful black matte finish. The line work of these clocks instantly adds elegance to a room. They look chic, stylish, and are the perfect addition if you’re going for an industrial look to a room.

metal black Clock


Wall clocks are a great way to give any room an industrial touch. They add an artistic touch to a place and go well with modern or minimalist decor. Black Metal Clock Pictured above, this Ultra Modern 24 Inch Black Metal Wall Clock is the perfect industrial vibe wall decor piece. Another sleek black metal wall clock that’ll add substance to your space is the Designer Roman Metallic Wall Clock. With its classic Roman numerals, it brings that vintage vibe.

Or if you have a lot of soft, squishy and floral furniture, and you want a wall decor piece to bring a sharp contrast to all the granny chic of the room. This Black Skeleton 24 Inch Wall Clock is perfect for a contrast because it has gold accents.

If you want a black metal wall clock that looks delicate and intricate, we suggest the Dexterous Nordic Metal 24 Inch Wall Clock, shown below.

Hexagonal Wall Clock


Hexagonal Wall Clock

For a really minimal look, you can’t go wrong with the Modern Bluebell 24 Inch Metal Wall Clock. The negative space in the clock circle and the use of the least lines used possible makes this a classic minimalist piece.

A Touch of Glam with Gold Metal Clocks

Installing a gold metal clock is the best method to make your home feel like a luxury castle and to give you the distinction you deserve. This modern wall clock is a timepiece with genuine gemstones inlaid in their faces that not only look great but also create elaborate lighting effects. While you’re sleeping, gold metal clocks will make your home feel like a palace.

Add some glam to the room without making it look too over-the-top. A gold metal clock is perfect for such a setting. Because these have sleek metalwork, these clocks look simple but chic.

The Golden Metal Round Clock is just such a master piece. Sleek, minimalist, and the perfect touch of glitz. Pictured below.

Metal  Round Gold Clock


Gold Metal Round Wall Clock

If it’s rose gold you’re looking for, have a look at the stunning Rose Gold Plated 24 Inch Wall Clock, shown below.

Rose Gold Clock


Rose Gold Wall Clock

Add a few other rose gold decor items like showpieces to bring all the elements of the room together. The Quarter Golden 24 Inch Wall Clock makes use of negative space for more of that there-but-not-there design.

Add a Splash of Chic Colour

And you thought metal clocks can only be silver, gold and black. These metal clocks have different colours. They’re a great playful touch to a room, especially if you feel like you need more brightness in the space.

Metal wall clocks may provide a splash of chic colour to your home decor. They come in a variety of colours, styles, and designs, so they can easily transform any space into something more bright and fascinating. Furthermore, they add uniqueness to your decor by serving as an excellent discussion starter for any visitors to your home.

The Multicololur European 24 Inch Wall Clock shown below is not just colourful, but it has gold accents. The sunburst design makes it a happy addition. Match it with similar decor for a pretty and inviting wall setup.

Wall Clock


Multicolour Wall Clock

The Creative Silent 24 Inch Wall Clock (pictured below) is a more refined piece, with numbers in Roman numerals and super thin lines. This 24 inch wall clock would look spectacular on a darker coloured wall like in the picture.

Decor Clock


Creative Silent Round Wall Clock

So which metal clock catches your eye? Gold, black or colourful? Browse the entire collection here. All these metal wall clocks are handcrafted in India. By purchasing these, you’re supporting the Indian handiwork industry and its workers.

Delivery for all clocks is free all over India. We also provide an easy EMI instalment plan for purchases over INR 5,000. Pick matching pieces of home decor by browsing our collection of wall art, wall mirrors, hand blown glass vases, vintage photo frames, trays and boxes.

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