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Newborn Baby Gift Ideas

By Farida Khanbhadur | Updated February 8, 2022
Newborn Baby Gift Ideas

There is always an excitement on the arrival of a new born baby. Welcoming a newborn baby is always done with a gift as no one goes to see a new born empty hand. It is always a tradition to present something to the newborn. Choosing a gift for the newborn is also a challenging task. We always want our gifts to be unique and be remembered by the parents of the newborn. So here are few unique newborn baby gift ideas which are easily available online in India.

Baby Carrier

A baby carrier is a soft padded bag to carry the baby either in the front or back. There are two options available either a backpack or a sling version. Baby carriers make the parents handsfree and the baby is in close contact and touch with the parent so he is at comfort. There are many good brands dealing in baby carrier like Luvlap, Babyhug, Chicco etc. You can find a wide range of these baby carriers on firstcry.

Baby Play Mats

giraffe and alligator baby play mat cum comforter


Babies always need a soft surface to lie on and these baby play mats cum comforters will always come in handy. These play mat cum comforter by Quilting Tree is ideal for infants (newborn babies) till toddlers up to 3 yrs. This can also be used as a spread on the cot, or to put as a quilt on the little ones or just as a play mat. Overall it’s a multipurpose product. This is completely machine washable for easy care. You can shop this online by clicking here.

Baby Rocker


Baby rockers come handy and is very useful in the initial days when the baby is born. In a rocker the newborn baby always feel as if he is in his mothers arm. There are many brands like fisher price , Baby hug , Graco etc which have these bouncers with features like vibration , musical and rocking features. Click here to view baby rockers.

Swaddle Wrapper

A swaddle wrap keeps the newborn baby cozy and warm especially in the initial days after birth. A swaddle will help to keep the baby protected and snugged as the baby starts adjusting to the outside world. It wraps the baby tightly so that the baby can sleep at ease as if it’s inside the womb. Click here to shop online for swaddle wrap.

Bath Tub

It’s usually very difficult to bathe newborn babies during the first few months after birth. So these bath tubs are specially designed for the new born so that the baby is at comfort while having bath. This is the most useful gift idea you can think of. Shop for bath tubs here.

Baby Clothing Sets


Infants need the most clothes as they tend to dirty it fast. Clothing sets as gifts will always be useful for the newborn baby. Just keep in mind that the clothing has to be in pure cotton rather than any synthetic material to prevent any rashes. There are many brands that cater to pure organic cotton clothing for infants like mothercare, marks and spencer etc. Shop for clothing sets here.

Baby Travel Bags


These baby travel diaper bags are very useful for the parents when they are travelling. These are waterproof bags which have special compartments for diapers , clothes and bottles . You can also personalise these bags by including few diapers, bottle sets, clothing sets and blanket. This will add a personal touch. And infact this will be a great newborn baby gift idea. Shop for baby travel bags here.

I hope these newborn baby gift ideas were useful and easily accessible.

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