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Spruce Up Your Home In Victorian Style

By Farida Khanbhadur | Updated January 28, 2022
Spruce Up Your Home In Victorian Style

The Victorian era got its name from Queen Victoria, who ruled England from 1837-1901. Queen Victoria was an emperor of the worlds largest empire. This era was known for its development in technology and productivity. Victorian homes are usually 2-3 stories with wooden or stone exterior. The victorian style of architecture and furnishing is very intricate and elaborately decorated. Here are few decor pieces which can be integrated in your home decor to spurce up your home in victorian style.

Bed Linens Or Bedspread

Bedspreads with frills from Quilting Tree

Victorian bedspreads are usually in subdued pastel colours . The bedspreads are in laces, frills and lots of cushions on the bed . The victorian style of decor is flamboyant. To make your bedroom look victorian in style yet simple and easy to maintain. You can place a quilted bedspread with frills all over like the image above. The most important part of victorian styling are the bedlinen or the bedspreads. A beautiful and an attractive bedspread will give your room a complete cosy and vibrant feel.

Decorative Victorian Style Frames

Decorative Victorian Style Frames
Decorative Victorian Style Photo Frames Sets

The victorian style of decor is usually more elaborate and stylish. So decorate your home with stylish photo frames sets which have beautiful carving and embossing on them. The victorian style of frames make the room look more luxurious. You can place a photo frames in a cluster on empty walls. You can also place a Photo frames on the bedside table beside your bed. Photo frames gives an instant feeling of a complete luxurious room.

Decorative Victorian Wall Mirrors

Victorian Style Venetian Mirror

Mirrors are an all time favourite. Victorian style wall mirrors are the ones with bevelled edges and intricate detailing and carving on the edges of the mirror. Wall mirrors instantly glam up a room and makes the room look bigger. You can also use a victorian style wall mirror to decorate your wall. You can use it as a wall art piece. A victorian style mirror can also be coordinated with a matching dressing table design for your bedroom.

Victorian Furniture

Victorian Style Furniture

The victorian style of furniture is very elaborate in its designs and curves. For your home you can go in for lighter shades of colour in furniture with simple designs which are easy to clean and maintain in todays busy schedule. To make your room look more luxurious you can add upholstery of velvet, satin or brocade.

Here were few simple ideas which you can execute to spurce up your home in victorian style.

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