AHL’s Top Home Decor Picks For Summer 2021

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AHL’s top home decor experts roundup the best picks in furnishings and tech for summer 2021. 

Blue waters in a swimming pool, the sun shining, and bright candy colours . Do you picture this when you picture a happy summer? So why not have these summer feels in your home, too? 

A few tweaks to your home decor items will make it feel bright and refreshed for the summer. Here are AHL’s top home decor picks for those summer vibes home decor ideas. 

Cotton bedspreads in cool colours 

pastel colour bedspread  cotton bed cover

Rejuvenate your bedroom with cotton bedspreads from Quilting Tree. Get them in soothing pastel colours or floral prints for that soft but fresh look. The cotton will make sure you have a great night’s sleep. And the pretty colours will make your entire bedroom feel light and summery. Cotton bed covers will always make your bedroom look perfect and complete. Always prefer a bed cover design which is machine washable so that there is hassle free maintenance. The bed covers tops our list of the most essential home decor picks.

A powerful juicer to stay refreshed 


There’s nothing like homemade juices and smoothies during the sweltering Indian summers. Having a powerful juicer like the Hurom H – AI Series Juicer with enhanced pulp expulsion function and smart control makes sure you can make whatever you like, whenever you like. The best part? Blending juice at home to freeze as ice lollies. Yum. A must in all the kitchen essential items.

Colourful pendant lights 

home decor ideas pendant light

It’s incredible how changing the lights can transform a room. Add more colour to your living room and dining area or your bedroom  by installing hanging pendant lights. Colourful ones in authentic Murano glass like these from Casamotion will add a great summer feel to the heart of your house. Hanging lights in the living room adds as a decor element making your living room more attractive and glamorous. Adding an attractive hanging light is our most best idea for home decor.

Change your cushion covers 

home decor itemsYes! It’s as easy as that! You don’t need to change your entire sofa or even your sofa cover. Changing your cushion covers will change the look of the room. Try these stunning ones in different shapes from our Talisman Collection. For a fun and quirky style that brings positive vibes in the summer. 

You can place these cushion covers on the sofa in your living room or on your bed in your bedroom. Just placing one of this cushion cover adds a style statement to your decor.

Bookshelf speakers for superior sound 

bookshelf speaker

Bookshelf speakers are designed to maximize sound in small to medium sized spaces. Get a pair like the Dali Opticon 1 which are small but powerful. And come in a cool summer white. 

They’re great for those smaller rooms like the dining area or your bedroom. Because what’s summer without great music filling every corner of the house? 

Final Thoughts 

vibrant food canvas art print

Remember, go bright and colourful in summer. Making changes in smaller pieces of your home furnishings like wall art, showpieces and cushion covers can make a huge difference. 

Browse through All Home Living’s vast collection of top home decor, furniture and home technology. And pick what you’d love to make your home summer ready. We deliver all over India. 

Let us know your favourite summery pieces in the comments from our top home decor picks above! 

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