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Talisman Collection

Explore our handcrafted good luck charm cushion covers. The Talisman Collection displays beautiful evil eye patterns that are created in traditional hues of blue on an elegant white velvet fabric. The intricate hand-embroidered designs are a reflection and celebration of our skillful Indian Artisans.

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The Talisman Collection Inspiration

The Evil Eye Amulet is one of the most popular Talismans of our times. Its eye shape in hues of blue is believed to be a symbol of spiritual protection. This belief dates back to Greek history in the 6th Century B.C. The evil eye Talismans are traditionally found painted on glass hung from a cord. The idea was to bring the evil eye as an exclusive interior styling element. Our collaboration with TK inspired us to bring these to every home in the form of Cushion covers which are a staple in every Living and Bedroom. Our Talisman collection Cushion Covers will turn away any negative energy that is directed towards your home and will bring in positive vibes always. The charming designs are sure to allure you and you can keep this good luck charm in your own home or pass it as a gift to your loved one!

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