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Top 5 Mirror Furniture Picks for S/S 2022

By Shabana Feroze | Updated January 13, 2022
Top 5 Mirror Furniture Picks for S/S 2022

Add Beauty And Depth To Your Living Space With These Stunning Mirror Furniture Pieces.

Many people will argue that mirrored furniture is the best purchase for a home. Because it’s unique, it goes with everything, suits every room, and it brings better energy to your home. This article will go through many reasons why mirrored furniture is the best investment into the interior decor of your house and it will give you the best mirror decor ideas.

All Home Living offers you the ability to customize your desired furniture in your favorite colors and size options as well as material types in order to achieve your ideal style.

Here are our top 5 picks of stunning mirror furniture for Spring Summer 2022. These furniture picks are for different rooms, in different price ranges, and in different sizes. Maybe you want to change up your bed this season. Or you don’t want to splurge that much. But you want something new and small like a console table for your hallway or a mirrored coffee table for your living room or for your terrace to enjoy favorite coffee with your partner. We’ve catered to all tastes with these 5 picks.

And of course, if you want more, explore our full range of mirrored furniture designs on the All Home Living. All our mirrored furnitures are handcrafted in India, in our factories in Nagpur. We deliver these exquisite pieces all over India. 

Without further ado, let’s begin.

Top 5 mirror furniture picks to refresh your home this Spring Summer ‘22:

1. Nimble Stainless Steel Nesting Table

Nesting tables are so useful. They look clean and minimalistic standing together. And when you need them in different places, they’re easy to move and use. Pop one next to your sofa for your drink while watching your favorite movie on your home theater. Add a cushion on top of one to rest your legs as you read on your favourite armchair. Line them up all together for snacks on occasions for guests and parties. 

mirror furniture
The Nimble Nesting Table is a set of 3 pieces. The design is super clean and minimalistic, that gives it a ultra modern look. It has a stainless steel frame and tempered glass top. The tables are sturdy, in varying heights. They look incredible and are super useful. 

2. Parisian Mirrored Storage Cabinet with Drawers

We all love a great chest of drawers, don’t we? They’re the perfect extra storage you need, in any room. Even better, if they are mirrored. Bring a little bit of Paris home with this Parisian Mirrored Storage Cabinet. It’s a wonderful combination of style and functionality with 4 drawers and 1 door cabinet with antique marble effect mirror panels. The geometric circle design sets it apart.

mirrored storage cabinet
If you love vintage themes, Parisian mirrored furniture gives you that antique-y feel. Apart from the vintage vibe, this type of mirrored furniture is a great statement piece for modern and contemporary interior designs for those who love exotic interiors. It doesn’t just look beautiful but also has a good storage cabinate with drawers.

3. Moroccan Gold Mirrored King Size Bed

A mirrored king size bed is a piece of furniture that provides a luxurious and lavish look for any bedroom. It can be used in its original form, or also as the headboard on their bed or on a sofa or armchair. By using it in this way, it provides an elegant and classy look to any room.

If you’re looking to give your bedroom a major makeover, we suggest the Moroccan Gold Mirrored King Size Bed. Part of the sophisticated Sahara range, this mirrored design is inspired by the ornate glitz of Morocco. It brings a sumptuous feel with an ethnic retro flourish. 

mirrored bed design
This bed is the height of luxury because of its size and looks. The headboard is a soft button tufted fabric in muted gold. The end board has Moroccan motifs in a marble effect with gold trim.  The rest of the bed frame is completely mirrored, down to the legs, to add to its regal look. You’ll definitely be bringing Arabian royalty home with this piece in your bedroom. At All Home Living, you can choose from the verity of several king size bedroom sets.

4. Venetian Mirrored Diamond Square Coffee Table

Your coffee table is the heart of your living room. Making a change to this piece of furniture changes up your entire living room. The main problem with traditional round tables is that it inhibits interaction; bodies are often forced to face each other around the perimeter of the table, which contradicrs the opportunities for closeness and intimacy. But, the Square Coffee Table aims to fix this.

Switch it up this spring summer with the Venetian Mirrored Diamond Square Glass Coffee Table.

coffee table design
In a modern Venetian design, this piece will add a contemporary touch to your living space. Made from the best quality, clear beveled mirrors in a diamond and square design, it’s a statement piece that’s sure to draw a lot of attention. 

5. Mirrored 2 Drawer Vanity Set with Stool

If you’re not up for making a drastic change to your bedroom but a soft and delecate change, here’s a piece to liven it up. The Mirrored 2 Drawer Vanity Set with Stool will add a touch of elegance without exggareing the interior of your bedroom. 

Dressing table
With its classic clean lines and mirror panels, it’ll go with all bedroom decor themes. A brilliant reflection of your glamorous style statement, this vibrant vanity set lends luxurious elegance to your bedroom’s ensemble. It is perfect mirrored furniture, with a beautiful furniture design for bedroom.

Those were our top 5 mirrored furniture picks for the season. Which ones were your favorite? How would you decorate your home with these pieces? Don’t forget, we offer easy EMIs at 0% installments and deliver all over India. Stay home, stay safe, and bring happiness home. 

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