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Bedroom Mirrors

All Home Living has the best collection of Bedroom Wall Mirrors. We have decorative mirror frames online in a variety of range, so pick an ideal piece for your room. Replace your out-of-date mirror design with a new one. Buy decorative bedroom mirrors online in India at the best price.

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Bedroom Mirror Tips

A well-designed bedroom wall mirror with a combination of comfort and style is what everyone desires. In fact, a bedroom will feel strange without this part of interior design.

Besides the common use, bedroom mirrors are key parts of home décor. They have the power of transforming your sleeping room from dull to dazzling. Besides, a mirror is sort of a must-have piece of furniture.

The most perfect fitting mirror makes your space warm and uplifting. In particular, fancy wall mirrors are known to add timeless style and instant glamour to a bedroom as well as any other room. They do elevate the look of the room to new heights. So, besides your bed, this elegant piece of furniture is indispensable so to speak, and not only in your bedroom but everywhere it matters.

How Do You Single Out a Good Quality Mirror?

Glass wall mirrors are known to be brittle. That is why most people find it challenging when it comes to identifying good quality mirrors. However, we have a few aspects you need to consider when you are hunting for a good-quality bedroom mirror.

The first thing you should check is the sheet glass material. If the quality is good, there will be consistency in the reflection without any kind of distortion. Another aspect to consider is the mirror thickness. If it appears hard to break and the glass is a bit thick, it is an indication that the mirror is of high quality. The last aspect is mirror silvering. The mirror usually has a thin covering applied on one side. This thin coating is what produces the reflection and not the glass.

Are Expensive Mirrors Worth Purchasing?

Sometimes quality determines the wall mirror price. That is why you will find mirrors differing in prices. So, if you see a pricier mirror, just know that it is built using premium-grade or high-quality glass sheets. Also, if you come across an expensive wall mirror set, know that it doesn’t have things like spots, bumps, or distortions. The reflection of such mirrors is usually consistent with a feature that everyone desires.

Also, framed wall mirrors with modern wall mirror designs can be expensive. Some come with gold or silver coated frames to add glamour and class to your bedroom. Such mirrors have every reason to be expensive.


Q: What are the Different Types of Bedroom Mirror Designs?

A: There are many types of wall mirror designs for bedrooms but most of them are in the form of dressing table wall mirror. However, there are also other designs such as full-length wall mirror, hanging wall mirror, long wall mirror, and round wall mirror. Regardless of the type or design of the mirror, you decide to have in your bedroom, each one of them does add positivity and good vibes to your room.

Q: What Are the Things to Consider When Purchasing a Bedroom Mirror?

A: When choosing a mirror, there are many considerations. One of the things to consider when you want to buy a modern wall mirror is the size. If you want a mirror that displays your whole body from head to toe, you should go for a full wall mirror design. However, note that the size of your bedroom may also determine how big your bedroom mirror can be.

Something else to consider is the shape of the mirror. Do you prefer the normal rectangular, or you want something unusual and eye-catching like an oval wall mirror? When thinking about shape, you should also keep in mind the space where you want to hang the mirror. Some shapes require large space, while others can fit well even in a small or limited space.

Q: Why Do Framed Bedroom Mirrors Differ in Price?

A: Most frames add quality to the mirror. For instance, most framed mirrors have a protector around the edges. It means that the frame protects it from breaking easily, making them more long-lasting than frameless mirrors.

Another thing that may cause variations in price is the material used to make the frames, size, as well as finishing. For example, a wood frame wall mirror made using common wood may differ with like say, an ornate composite frame. Also, an antique wall mirror price will be considerably high. The reason is that such mirror frames involve hand-leafing finishes known to consume time.

Final thought

Whichever decorative wall mirror sets you to decide to purchase, mirrors are among the many interior design items known to transform space. They have this magical power of making any space feel brighter, glamorous, and bigger. Mirrors, if well-placed, can uplift the interior design of your bedroom in different ways. There are many wall mirror decorating ideas you can borrow to fascinate the interior of your bedroom. Check out here some of the best collections you can buy to glam your bedroom.

After a long day of work, we all covet to relax in a warm and cozy bedroom. Designing a bedroom where style meets comfort is of utmost priority. While mirrors enhance a space too many mirrors in the bedroom could be a bit overwhelming. In the Bedroom, Mirrors are mostly in the form of Dressing Table Mirrors. Which, happens to be the most vital piece of stylish furniture after your bed. The dressing table mirror is used more often than not, a beautiful mirror will add to the good vibes and positivity.

All Home Living has the best collection of Bedroom Wall Mirrors. If you are looking to buy a dressing table mirror online, then check out our range of wall mirrors in creative designs. The handcrafted Venetian wall mirrors are a classy addition to Your Bedroom. You can also choose from our framed mirrors, metal mirrors, and full-length mirrors for a chic Vanity Mirror.

You can spruce up the look of your bedrooms with our designer furniture range and bedding. We deliver Pan India and also customize according to your requirements. Your items are delivered in break-free wooden box packaging.

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