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Buy Top Quality Multimedia Speakers Online at best prices and offers in India from All Home Living.

Shop from Brands like Dali, JBL & Bose amongst others. Browse through our broad range of speakers, subwoofers including bookshelf speakers, floor standing speakers, outdoor speakers, wall mount speakers & docking speakers. Get FREE Shipping, EMI* & CoD options across India. Shop Today!

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Next-Level Sound Quality with Best Home Speakers

Are you looking for new speakers for your home? Well, you’re at the right place then!

All Home Living has a wide range of speakers from leading brands. There are more than hundreds of types, shapes, and sizes of speakers available in the market today. With such vast variety, it can be daunting to find the speakers that work best for your home.

From sound quality, frequency, and digital features, there are a lot of things you need to consider before investing in a set of speakers. Home theatre speakers give a next-level audio experience when it comes to watching your favorite movies.

Dimensions of Buying Home Speakers

We understand your confusion about the different types of speakers available in the market today. It is why we have covered the various speaker styles and their purpose and function. To understand and enjoy the complete utility of the speakers, you first need to know the four primary dimensions that describe home speakers.

    1. Placement

The first dimension to be considered to choose a speaker is its placement. All home speakers can vary in size, style, and looks. When you go out to buy a home speaker, you need to decide where you’ll place them in your house. The placement of the speaker will decide the type you buy. There are many speakers intended to be placed at particular locations. These include floor-standing speakers, bookshelf speakers, wall-mounted speakers, or in-wall speakers. You can choose a set of speakers according to your house space and speaker placement area. If you have little to no space, then in-ceiling speakers are a great choice. Some other categories of a speaker with placement options are portable speakers, soundbars, smart speakers, and many more.

    1. Purpose

The second highly crucial dimension of buying a set of speakers is its application. Many people use speakers for different purposes. Most brands produce speakers according to their application. For instance, Dali speakers are the best speakers for the home-theatre experience. The different types of speakers based on their application are music speakers, home-theatre, surround sound speakers, multi-room speakers, or computer speakers. If your purpose of buying is listening to high-quality music, the music speaker category goes best for you. Bose speakers are perfect for an incredible music experience.

    1. Connectivity

Another very important factor in buying speakers for home is connectivity. We all struggle with switches and long wires when deciding to place our speakers. The connectivity of the speaker depends on its model. While some speakers have wired connectivity, some are wireless. Wired speakers are limited to be placed near electricity connections. Wireless speakers receive signals through radiofrequency. Although they are handy with better placement options, their range of frequency may vary. You can only listen to the wired speakers in a specific circumference. Wireless speakers are generally connected through Bluetooth speakers or Wi-Fi. These days, the quality and range of wireless speakers have improved incredibly.

    1. Power Source of Speakers

The last criteria of deciding a speaker for a home is its power source. It means how your set of speakers use power. There are powered speakers which have their own set of an in-built dedicated amplifier. Passive speakers draw power from the main amplifier or subwoofers. Some speakers work on battery and are handier. Such speakers do not need electricity but rechargeable batteries.


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Speakers play a critical role in your overall sound experience. From movies, series, or music, you need audio systems that improve your audio quality. You need to be aware and smart while choosing the speakers for your home. All Home Living has some top brand speakers to choose from.

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Customer Satisfaction is our Top Priority, we at All Home Living offer our visitors over thousands of products in a world-class ambience and the list is growing every day.
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