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 6 Best Gifts To Send Online

By Shabana Feroze | Updated January 18, 2022
 6 Best Gifts To Send Online

Save Time and Effort By Sending These Gifts Online. And Delight Your Loved Ones When They Get Them.

By now, you’re used to shopping for yourself online. In this article, we give you a few great ideas to send gifts to your loved ones, online. All you have to do is put the address of your gift recipient, and they get an amazing surprise. 

Giving online gifts from All Home Living is super easy because we deliver all over India. And we won’t judge if the person you want to give your gift to, well, is you.

You don’t need to know anything about their hobbies or interests to give them an amazing gifts. All you need is the determination to find something special. Whether you’re shopping for your best friend, your partner, or someone else in your life, we’ve got 6 awesome unique gift ideas that they will love.

Quilted bedspreads 

purple ruffle quilt
Purple Ruffle Quilt by Quilting Tree To Give You a Feel Of Comfort

Bedspread don’t just keep you warm at winter, they give you a feeling of comfort that you need at the end of the day. Everyone loves their beauty sleep. Why not make it better with a quilted bedspread?

Quilting Tree has the largest collection of rugs, quilts and bedspreads. All of them are handmade in India, using pure cotton. With embroidered, solid colour, luxury and even kid’s quilts to choose from, you’ll love picking out the perfect bedspread for your family and friends. You may find something good in rugs as well!


Hand blown Murano glass vases

Hand blown vases
Hand Blown Glass Vases By Murano, Italy.

We know what you’re thinking- vases, really? How unoriginal. But hear us out. They’re unoriginal when they’re just common vases. But at AHL, you’ll find the most stunning vases in the most stunning shapes and colours. Because these aren’t your ordinary, everyday vases. They’re hand blown vases from Casamotion, made in Murano, Italy and each flower vase made by them is the finest quality. The art of creating decorative vases goes back as far as the fifth century BC, when people first started making them to hold flowers. So you’re gifting a piece of art, made using a decades old European art style.

Victorian Photo Frame Set

victorian style photo frame set
Victorian Photo Frame Set Will Hold The Memories That Are Closed To Your Heart.

These photo frame sets are the perfect no-brainers when you don’t know what to give. Because everyone loves displaying photos in their home. But displaying them in a frame set with the trademark design of the Victorian era, in pastel colours or gold, is super unique. Every set comes with 3 frames and an adorable trinket/ jewellery box. It looks gorgeous displayed on any console or dressing table. These photo frames will help them to cherish their favorite photos and will help them keep their special moments to themselves forever. Your loved one will love it.

WiFi Bluetooth Speakers 

bluetooth speaker
Waterproof & Durable Denon Bluetooth Speaker

Here’s another idea for a unique gift that’s sure to delight. A wireless Bluetooth speaker. Music has become so important for us all nowadays. And being able to carry a portable speaker on which you can hear your favorite tunes in the best sound quality at an optimal sound level? Even better. We love the Denon Envaya Mini DSB-150BT Bluetooth Speaker. It’s waterproof, durable, with superior sound. This will be a gift they’ll never forget. You will get some of the best bluetooth speakers at AHL.

Evil Eye Cushion Covers 

Evil Eye Cushion Covers
Evil Eye Cushion Covers By Quilting Tree

Cushions and cushion covers are one of the important parts of home decor. They can add a new dimension to your room by softening the hardwood floors, assisting you in curling up on a lonely night, and softening the hardwood floors. While the majority of individuals stick to a simple colour scheme that matches their furnishings, other people want to add additional colour to their living spaces.

Have a friend who has an exceptional taste in interior decor and whose house always looks incredible? Make sure nazar na lage. With an evil eye cushion cover from our new Talisman Collection. Jokes aside, these cushion covers will look great in any room. With their sequined design and bright colours in different patterns like round, waves and hexagon, they’re sure to be a hit.

Soft Throws 

Green Woollen Luxury Throw
Green Woollen Luxury Throw By Quilting Tree

Throws are so versatile. You can drape one on your sofa in the living room. Keep one folded on the end of your bed. Or on your favourite armchair. Not only do they make a room feel cozier, but they’re also so useful. It’s so nice to throw one on your feet while watching Netflix. Choose throw blankets from Quilting Tree‘s collection for that friend who loves to be cozy. 

These were our picks for gifts you can easily choose and send in a few clicks. Head over to All Home Living’s website to browse your favourite home decor and home technology goodies. 

Let us know what you love to gift online, in the comments below! 

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