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Embroidered Bedspreads

Create a luxury feel and vibe in your bedroom with this unique designer embroidery bedding collection from Quilting Tree.

Whether it’s your master bedroom or guest bedroom, these quilted embroidery bedsheets will make any bed feel complete. Being quilted these bedsheets provide extra softness for that comfortable feel in your bed.

Buy Embroidered Decorative Quilts & Bedspreads online in India and get the best deals at the lowest prices on Quilting Tree!
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Embroidered Bedspread Online | Buy Luxury Velvet Bedspreads

Embroidered bedspreads Collection by Quilting Tree is an exclusive bedding collection for your home. These embroidery bedsheets are quilted to provide you with all the comfort and luxury feel in your bed. Decorate your home with these quilted embroidery bedsheets which also include two pillow covers. Cover your bed with attractive designs and colors which suit your bedroom.

Shop Embroidery Bedspreads Online at Best Prices in India

Create fancy and unique bedroom bedding sets with this luxury collection of bedding from Quilting Tree. Enhance a luxury feel and vibe in your bedroom, with this unique designer embroidery bedding collection. Whether it’s your master bedroom or guest bedroom these quilted embroidery bedsheets will make any bed feel complete. Being quilted these bedsheets provide extra softness for that comfortable feel in your bed.

These designer bedding are easy to take care of, as they are machine washable. Shop from our wide collection of quilted bedspreads online. The collections that are available online are cotton bedspreads, luxury bedspreads, solid colour bedspreads, kids bedspreads, baby playmats, quilted carpets, cushion covers. All these are shipped within 24 hrs.

Embroidered Bedspreads Add Elegance to The Bedroom

We all know how essential bedspreads are for our bedrooms. Our bed linen can provide restful and relaxing sleep. However, if the bedspread is not comfortable, we might not feel relaxed in it. Bedspreads are not only about a good night’s sleep. They are so much more than that. Bedspreads can enhance the grace of your bedrooms at any part of the day.

In fact, embroidered quilted bedspreads are the best when it comes to styling our bedrooms. These bedspreads are elegant and look luxurious. 

You can find many embroidered bedspreads in India online or at physical stores. Great bed outlook defines the room décor and uplifts the vibe.

Top Tips to Choose the Best Embroidered Bedspreads

If you are planning on reviving your bedroom with some new styles, then we have something unique for you. All Home Living has a complete range of beddings and bedspreads to suit your style. We have covered some crucial points to be kept in mind while buying a bedspread.

  1. Size of Bed

  2. If you are going to shop for a bedspread for your bedroom, you need to know the size of your bed. It is something you must consider before choosing a bedspread. There are mainly two types of bedspreads, one style drapes along the edges and is bigger. The second type of bedspread is smaller and offers a fitted look to the bed. You can find many king-size embroidered bedspreads online.

  3. Thread Count

    The second factor to consider while buying a bedspread is its thread count. Thread count is the number of threads woven into the bedsheet. The higher the number of threads, the finer the fabric gets. You need to check the thread count of the bed linen you want to buy. Always look for a minimum 250 thread count to ensure durability.

  5. Material of the Bedspread

    Bedspread is something we always stay in contact with. The material of the bedspreads must be soothing and comfortable.

    1. Cotton: A cotton bedspread is breathable and lightweight. Also, it is easy to wash a cotton bedspread. So, if you have a big family or kids, then cotton bedspreads will be convenient for you.
    2. Linen: Another super soft fabric is the linen fabric. It is breathable and perfect for summers. Linen bedspreads have higher durability and comfort. It is a versatile material as it draws moisture from the body. Also, linen looks more lavish and elegant. Hand-embroidered bedspreads in linen look stunning in bedrooms.
    3. Tencel: A fine organic fabric, Tencel is made from wood pulp. It is antimicrobial and highly durable. If you catch allergies easily, then Tencel is the best material for you. An environment-friendly fabric that is cool is perfect for the summer season. However, the breathability of Tencel is lesser than cotton fabric.
    4. Silk: We visualize a very lavish bedroom when we hear about a silk bedspread. Some of the most exquisite and luxurious bedspreads are made from silk. Like Tencel, silk is also naturally hypoallergenic. King size embroidered bedspreads in silk look ravishing. Although silk is more expensive than most other fabrics, you can invest in one or two silk bedspreads.


  7. Pattern and Style

  8. Other than the material and strength of the fabric, your bedspread comes in many styles and patterns. There are plenty of bedspreads available in various colors and prints. However, hand-embroidered bedspreads are the new fad. They are affordable and durable. 

    Embroidered bedspreads grace the bedroom and give a traditional touch to the room. All Home Living has some amazing embroidered quilted bedspreads for your bedroom.


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Embroidered bedspreads are unique and elegant. Bedspreads add style and color to your home. No matter what your bedroom color or interiors are, you’ll find a gorgeous bedspread for all interiors. All Home Living has some great options of embroidered bedspreads India.

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