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Solid Color Quilts

Cotton is the most preferred material in Quilts which is soft and allergen free and the most sustainable material.

All the solid colour cotton quilts are pre- washed to prevent any colour bleed. This also makes the cotton material softer to use.

Quilting Tree is known all over India for its top-class products and services. The brand manufactures all its high-quality beddings and furnishings in India.

Quilting Tree provides services all over India and is based in Pune, Maharashtra. It is one of the most genuine brands that make products of uncompromised quality. The brand manufactures various items, such as bedspreads, bed sheets, quilts, carpets, rugs, play mats, cushion covers, pillows, furnishings for kids, etc. It has a team of dedicated staff who constantly strive to deliver the best products and services.

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Solid Colour Cotton Quilts & Bedcovers

Design and decorate your bedroom with these colorful quilted bedcovers quilts and bedspreads from Quilting Tree. The quilts are available online in solid colors are in 2 sizes king size quilts and queen-size quilts. Buy the size which best fits your bed.

By adding these Quilts or bedcovers on your bed you create a luxury addition in your bedroom. Select your favourite bedspread from our wide variety of quilts available at AllHomeLiving. You can find bedspreads of embroidery, printed bedspreads, reversible bedspreads. If you are looking for a simpler option you can go in with our solid colour bedspreads. We have a wide variety of quilted carpets which are machine washable available online. Our limited edition cushion covers are to vouch for.

Our intricately patterned quilt bedspreads give you the utmost feel of comfort and luxury at your home. Shop online from our exclusive luxury collection of bedspreads and quilts.

Give yourself the most comfortable sleep at night with our comfortable quilts which provide you with the ideal warmth.

The best part of a quilt is that you can also use them as decorative blankets. They always give a complete look to your bed.

Quilting Tree provides you with a vast variety of quilts and bedcovers ranging from patchwork ones to embroidery ones. Just choose the ones according to your room decor and style.

AllHomeLiving also has a beautiful kids quilt collection in cotton with attractive designs. And we haven’t forgotten the babies and the toddlers we have specially curated playmats for them. So go ahead and shop online from our specially curated collection for kids.

Importance of Good Quilts in Your Home

Good quilts not only keep you warm but also provide you comfort and make your room look aesthetically pleasing. It is essential to have quilts that are allergen-free and made of sustainable materials such as cotton. Visually appealing quilts can also be used as a decorative element in your home. It may help bring the color scheme together by adding colors and texture.

Mentioned are a few points to describe the importance of good quilts in your home:

  • Provides adequate warmth
  • Provides comfort
  • Helps you relax
  • Light in weight
  • Pleasing to the eye
  • Enhances the interior
  • Complements the color scheme

Types of Solid Quilts by Quilting Tree

Quilting Tree has a range of quilts with different designs, patterns, colors, textures, sizes, etc. One of the best-selling quilts amongst all is solid color quilts. These quilts have lively colors with self-printed patterns that break the monotony of a plain quilt. The solid colors used are selected with great precision and are pleasing to the eye.

Mentioned are the types of solid color quilts by Quilting Tree:

  • Cotton quilted bedspread
  • Cotton Embroidery bedspread
  • Ruffles cotton quilt
  • Patchwork ruffles bedspread
  • Quilts with pillow covers
  • Intricately quilted bedspread
  • Self-print quilts
  • Quilts and coverlets
  • Quilts and blankets
  • Quilts comforter
  • Quilts set
  • Quilts queen size
  • Quilts king size
  • Quilts full size
  • CTR quilts

Colors Available

  • White quilts
  • Off-White quilts
  • Yellow quilts
  • Lemon Yellow quilts
  • Blue quilts
  • Teal blue quilts
  • Pink quilts
  • Purple quilts
  • Red quilts
  • Peach quilts
  • Brown quilts
  • Cream quilts
  • Green quilts
  • Grey quilts
  • Light Grey quilts, and many more

Benefits of Choosing Quilting Tree’s Solid Color Quilts

Quilting Tree manufactures exceptional solid color quilts that are bought all across India. These quilts are widely used and admired by people who love home decor, AHL’s customers, design enthusiasts and are recommended by interior designers, interior decorators, textile experts, and professionals.

Mentioned are the top 25 benefits of choosing solid color quilts by Quilting Tree:

  1. Cozy
  2. Wonderfully Warm
  3. Soft surface
  4. Allergen-free
  5. Sustainable material
  6. No Color bleeding
  7. Fade-resistant
  8. Machine washable
  9. Cheerful Colors
  10. Pleasing design
  11. Sophisticated patterns
  12. Clean finish
  13. Smooth texture
  14. High-grade material
  15. Well-composed
  16. Properly stitched
  17. Elegant design
  18. Adequate size
  19. Lightweight
  20. Fine edges
  21. Easy to manage
  22. Easy to clean
  23. Versatile
  24. Very Durable
  25. Cost-effective

Quilting Tree’s Aim

The sole purpose of Quilting Tree is to make customers happy. The brand aims to provide the best quality products and services to keep its reputation updated. It strives to produce the most desirable designed beddings and furnishings that are long-lasting and inexpensive. The brand is run by design enthusiasts and experts who work on introducing the best to the market.


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