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All Home Living, an online store, provides furniture, home decoration, and home technology products. It is one of the most reliable online shopping platforms known all over India for its top-notch services.

Based in Pune, Maharashtra, All Home Living supplies products to PAN India. It has become quite popular and has shown tremendous growth in recent years with a high shopping frequency. Being highly prevalent in the market, it deals with well-known Indian and International brands. It trades in furniture, wall arts, wall decors, table decors, mirrors, lamps & lights, clocks, beddings & furnishings, showpieces, gifts, audio sources, speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, headphones, earphones, home appliances, accessories, and cables, etc.
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What is the Difference Between a Living Room Chair and an Ordinary Chair?

The chair is the most common piece of furniture in any residence. Usually, a chair can be used anywhere in your home, no matter the room. But did you know that specific chairs are developed for each room depending on how it is used? Likewise, a living room chair is designed keeping in mind certain factors that affect the ambiance of a living room.

Living room chairs are comparatively bulkier and elaborately designed than dining or bedroom chairs. These chairs can be used as an accent or as a contrast to the sofa to create an elegant look and a striking color scheme. They can be placed in different positions to make an engaging layout, e.g., place two chairs in front of a console or just a single chair on the side of the sofa with eye-catching color and intriguing design, pair it up with an ottoman, etc. These chairs will also help you add more pattern and texture to the interior.

Importance of Good Living Room Chairs in Your Home

Living room chairs are more than just a furniture piece used to complement the sofa’s design. A living room chair can be different from a sofa while complementing the interior theme and other furniture, giving a complete and visually pleasing look.

The most common purpose of a living room is to entertain guests. Many studies have shown that design and elements used in interior space affect people’s moods. A comfortable yet elegantly designed living room chairs that contribute to a well-decorated space are worth having, as these can determine the visitor’s impression.

Types of Living Room Chairs by All Home Living

All Home Living provides numerous chairs for your home. It has an exclusive collection of living room chairs, dining room chairs, bedroom chairs, outdoor chairs, etc. You can easily purchase any chair of your choice, as AHL gives you countless options of colors, sizes, designs, prints, and materials.

In the list are mentioned some of the most desirable living room chairs by All Home Living:

  • Antique chairs
  • Classic chairs
  • Modern chairs
  • Contemporary chairs
  • Royal chairs
  • Classic chairs
  • Italian armchair
  • Engraved Venetian mirror chair
  • Accent chairs
  • Armless chairs
  • Armchairs
  • High-back chairs
  • Small chairs
  • Round chairs
  • Tufted armchair
  • Button armchair
  • Leather armchair
  • Vinyl armchair
  • Wool armchair
  • Velvet armchair
  • Polyester armchair
  • Faux leather accent chair
  • Loft leather armchair
  • Leatherette armchair
  • Carbon chair
  • Upholstered fabric armchair
  • Cushioned chairs
  • Alt armchair
  • Antique gold stainless steel chair
  • Steelcase chairs
  • Metal chairs
  • Wood armchair, and many more

Benefits of Choosing All Home Living’s Living Room Chairs

All Home Living is undoubtedly at the forefront when it comes to delivering quality products. It ensures that every customer gets what they ordered. It is preferred by interior designers, interior decorators, textile experts, and professionals and loved by its regular customers.

In the list are mentioned the top 20 benefits of choosing living room chairs by All Home Living:

  1. Elegant design
  2. Exquisite detailing
  3. Finely polished legs
  4. Evenly finished surface
  5. Refined texture
  6. Highly comfortable
  7. High-grade material
  8. Good quality fabric
  9. Attractive patterns
  10. Vivid Colors
  11. Finished edges
  12. Well-constructed structure
  13. Excellent artistry
  14. Wondrous strength
  15. Long-life
  16. Easy to clean
  17. Simple maintenance
  18. Stain resistance
  19. Fade-resistant
  20. Cost-effective

All Home Living’s Aim

All Home Living aims to provide an extraordinary range of products with on-time delivery and effective after-service to make customers happy. It focuses on catering to the needs and demands of its customers. AHL understands how important it is to give people what they expect. The ultimate goal is to connect with people all over India with its compassionate service.


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Customer Satisfaction is our Top Priority, we at All Home Living offer our visitors over thousands of products in a world-class ambience and the list is growing every day.
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