Decorating With Mirror Furniture in The Dining Area

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mirror furniture for dining area

Ozel Homes’ Interior Designers show you how you can make your dining area dazzle with mirror furniture.

Gathering for meals with family is always a happy experience. The dining area of your home, then, should be maximized for creating a warm, happy ambience where loved ones can enjoy a meal in harmony. It’s also the area where you entertain guests and make memories with friends and show off your amazing hostess skills

The dining area decor space then, has to be a mix of warm, inviting, yet practical. Because you’re dealing with food and beverages which can cause a mess. And there’s nothing better than mirrored furniture when you want your decor to impress, but also be easy-to-clean and maintain. 

In this article, the interior professionals at Ozel Homes, our vast home decor brand under the umbrella of All Home Living, show you how to use mirrored furniture to create your perfect dining area. 

A Mirrored Dining Table? Why Not?

Wooden dining tables are done and dusted, excuse the pun. Everyone and their mother has a wooden dining table. YOU get yourself a mirrored one. A mirrored dining table not only looks sleek and chic, it’s super easy to maintain. Because mirrored dining tables are usually made up of mirrors, glass and steel, spills can be cleaned easily. They don’t settle and stain like they would on wood. 

But let’s get to the main reason you want one- mirrored dining tables look incredible. They open up a cramped dining space and make it look bigger. They reflect light and amplify all the positive energy of a love-filled dining area. And they look impossibly grand. 

Sleekness with a Mirrored Console Table

If you’ve already got your dining room set up but want to add some pizzazz to it, we suggest a mirrored console table. A mirrored console table is a compact piece of furniture that can be placed against the wall closest to your dining table. 

Not only will it look elegant and unique near your dining table, but it’ll also be useful in terms of storage. It can act as pretty decor piece, when decorated with Murano glass vases and decorative trays and boxes. Hang a wall mirror over your console table for creating an eye-catching aesthetic.

A Pretty Storage Space

Want more storage space than the console table? And have the space for a bigger piece of furniture in your dining area? Try a mirrored chest of drawers or a mirror bar cabinet.

Both pieces are a classy way of organizing your cutlery and the usually knick knacks that are around your dining table. Store coasters, candles, heat mats, place mats, napkins and more. You can display your prettiest crockery plates on top of the chest of drawers to exaggerate their beauty.

These were three ways in which you can enhance the beauty and happy factor of your dining area. Visit Ozel Homes in Pune, Maharashtra, to check out our entire line of mirrored furniture and unique home decor items. 

Because all our mirror furniture is made in our factories in Nagpur, Maharashtra, you have the option of customizing your pieces exactly the way you want them to be. Shape, size, design, we can do it all. 

You can get all these great benefits sitting at home because we deliver all over India. Do a live video shopping call with us before you buy. Book your appointment for shopping. Call/ Whatsapp on +91 9607929866/68. Our timings are 10.30 am to 8 pm IST.   

We also offer payments through easy 12 month instalments when buying furniture over the value of INR 5,000. At 0% interest and additional charges. 

So there you have it! Ideas to make your dining area dazzle with mirror furniture, and super easy ways to get your dream furniture! 


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