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Mirror Furniture Ideas For Your Bedroom

By Shabana Feroze | Updated January 28, 2022
Mirror Furniture Ideas For Your Bedroom

We Show You How to Add a Sparkle to Your Bedroom with the Magic of Mirrored Furniture.

Your bedroom is your sacred space. It’s where you put your phone down. Where you unwind and find peace. It’s THE most important room in your home that should be decorated well.

There are so many different varieties of mirrored furniture in the market nowadays that it might be difficult to choose which one to buy. They’re some terific bedroom decor ideas with mirrored furniture you want to add some style to your bedroom because they all have a specific purpose.

You already know that mirrors are super important in a bedroom because it’s your personal space. It’s where you prepare to face the world. In addition to your normal wall mirrors, a few mirrored furniture pieces will make your bedroom look regal and sparkle with positive energy.

Ozel Homes carries the largest collection of mirrored furniture in India, so you have a huge variety to choose from decorative wall mirrors to brighten up a room along with mirrored furniture . In this article, we show you how these stunning and unique mirror furniture pieces can add a wow factor to your bedroom. With this mirror decor ideas you can lighten your entire home. So, let’s begin.

Reflect Your Inner Beauty in Mirrored Dressers

Mirrored Dresser
Mirrored Dresser That Shows Your Inner Beauty


You’ve come across a lot of dressers and dressing table sets in your time, but have you considered a mirrored one? No? Well, we’re here to extoll its virtues.

A mirrored dresser is a type of furniture  with chest of drawers that has a mirror on all four sides. These surfaces are usually constructed of metal or mirrored glass, which reflects and redirects light from the interior to all four sides of the room.

When getting dressed, we want to see ourselves from every angle. A mirrored dressing table lets you do exactly that. The entire piece looks cohesive and makes a statement because in any case, all dressing tables have a mirror on top. One that’s mirrored from top to bottom looks sleek, and minimalist.

The best part? Imagine all your pretty perfume bottles and jewellery reflected on the mirrored surface.

Multitasking Mirrored Cupboards

Mirrored Cupboards
Multitasking Mirrored Cupboards an Exquisite Art Decor Piece

Mirrored Wardrobe

Mirrored Wardrobe
Amazing Piece Of Art For Home Decor


Tall cupboard

The best part about a mirrored cupboard is that it multitasks. The mirrored panels not only act as an exquisite art deco piece, but they double up as mirrors. Super easy to get dressed when your mirrors are on your cupboard!

Aside from the versatility, mirrored cupboards and mirrored wardrobes look amazing, especially if the rest of your room is beautiful. Because the cupboards will reflect all that beauty. Consider placing them near natural light sources like a window or a balcony to reflect all the sunlight and any greenery you can see outside your window.

Don’t Forget Bedside Tables and Mirrored Stools

Bedside Table
Mirrored Bedside Table and Stool

Venetian Bedside Table

Venetian Bedside Table
Venetian Bedside Table For Luxury Bedroom Decor


Modern bedside table

Maybe you don’t have a lot of room in your bedroom to keep bigger-sized furniture like a mirrored chest of drawers or a mirrored cupboard. But you want to bring the magic of mirrored furniture into your bedroom.

Bedside Table and Stool
Modern Mirrored Bedside Table and Stool


Mirrored bedside tables reflect light and warmth from the sun during the day, making them a lovely addition to your bedroom. They provide a terrific method to keep knick-knacks within easy reach of your bed without taking up too much space.

We suggest keeping mirrored bedside tables near your bed. Or try placing smaller tables and stools in your bedroom. Decorate them with Casamotion hand-blown lamps, and watch their mirrored surfaces reflect the beauty of your Quilting Tree bedding


Don’t forget that you can customize and personalize all your mirrored furniture. All our mirror furniture is made in our factories in Nagpur, Maharashtra. This gives you the option of getting your pieces exactly the way you want them to be.

You can get all these great benefits sitting at home because we deliver all over India. Do a live video shopping call with us before you buy. Book your appointment for shopping. Call/ Whatsapp on +91 9607929866/68. Our timings are from 10.30 am to 8 pm IST.

We also offer payments through easy 12 month installments when buying furniture over the value of INR 5,000. At 0% interest and additional charges.

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