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Inspiring Ways to Add Mirror to Your Interiors

Inspiring Ways to Add Mirror to Your Interiors

Mirror Wall Art

Who doesn’t like a good mirror? They are a perfect way to elevate the look of your living space. They also bring emphasis to a certain area of the house because people look at them and they rarely go unnoticed.

Mirrors add a perspective and aesthetic value to your interiors. They make a room appear spacier and brighter. When used in the traditional way in a living room, they create a focal point and emphasize a certain area. There are fabulous advantages of them when used correctly. We’ve enlisted some ways you can follow, to suit the need of your home and your personal taste.

Ditch your regular-shaped mirrors

We all love a classic full-length mirror and there is nothing wrong with that. But you can still experiment with the shape, look and design. To add a little bit of fun element in your decor! Venetian designs are currently the hot favorite for interior decor. These Italian style mirrors have a peculiar design, an old-world charm mixed with a contemporary look. 

You can find a great collection of Venetian designs at:

Don’t be shy to go all out with your furniture

Mirrored furniture is an under-explored way of creating statement spaces inside your home. It can also be overwhelming and tacky when it is not proportionately used but can be extremely chic & stylish when designed in balance and harmony with the rest of the elements in a room. Chunky mirrored furniture can be used to fill up unnecessary empty space in a room. Crystal furniture is another dazzling type of furniture that is gaining popularity. It gives a very glamorous vibe while also looking sophisticated when incorporated in a living room.

Get some elegant furniture at:

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Experiment with mirror wall art

Statement wall art pieces are a perfect way to incorporate mirror in your home decor. With wall art you have the liberty to choose, mix media pieces like metal frames, quirky shapes and extravagant Venetian mirrored designs. Wall-art is where you can take maximum creative liberty to style your interiors.

Check out some designs at:

Don’t be afraid to cover more area

If you are someone who would love to experiment going all out with mirror work, you’re one of the few. Not everyone can be open to using too much mirror in their living space but if extravagance doesn’t scare you or your family, this tip can be a million-dollar advice for you! Consider using up an entire wall or a ceiling to create a taller ceiling illusion. Dedicating an entire space is however a permanent fix, so be sure you want to go all-in, and that you have a trusted interior designer or renovator to guide you through the process.

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