Make Your Home Fascinating With Mirror Furniture

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Mirrors make a home brighter, more interesting and they’re useful. In this article, the design experts at AHL show you how to place mirror furniture in your home to make your interiors fascinating.

Mirrors have captivated us from time immemorial. It’s something to do with our obsession with our reflection. From Narcissus using water to see his reflection to the magic talking mirror in Snow White to superstitions surrounding them. Some even say they’re a portal to a parallel universe. Whatever the story, you can’t escape our fascination with mirrors.

More than being an integral part of fairytales and folklore, mirrors and mirrored furniture make for a great element in your home decor. They’re one of the most important accessories for any interior design project. 

But you don’t have to limit yourself to just wall mirrors. You can decorate your interiors with mirror furniture. The best part about mirrored furniture is that it’ll go with all kinds of interior themes. Vintage, modern, colourful, you name it. In this article, we show you how to place and use mirror furniture to transform your space.

A Mirrored Console In Your Foyer

Everyone has a mirror in their foyer or entryway, right? It makes a narrow passage look bigger. And you get a quick last glance at yourself before you leave the house. 

But what if with your foyer wall mirror you added a mirrored console table? It’ll not just match the wall mirror, but make your entryway look even bigger and spacious. And if you don’t have a console table in your foyer, what are you waiting for? They’re super useful for dropping your keys when you come home and give you great storage space.

And it’s not just for your foyer area, you can add a console table anywhere that needs a bit of prettying up or an empty spot you don’t know what to do with. You can decorate your mirrored console table with photo frames, a basket or decorative trays and boxes. Or try adding a colourful Murano glass vase which will reflect on the mirrored surface and amplify the beauty of both the wall mirror and the mirrored console. 

Mirrored Dressing Table Set For Your Bedroom

Every bedroom needs a dressing table. Why not get a one-of-a-kind mirrored one for your bedroom? The mirror on top matches with the mirrored dressing table, making the entire set look more vibrant and cohesive.

The whole vanity set will make your bedroom look bright and happy. It adds a royal elegance to your sleeping space. Pick something with a gold touch like the Mirrored 4 Drawer Vanity Set With Stool above, and you’ll feel like a Maharani as you do your makeup in the morning. 

The best part? All your pretty perfume bottles, jewellery and makeup get reflected on the mirrored desk surface and look even prettier. Sometimes more is more. 

Remember to place the mirrored vanity set near a window so it amplifies the sunlight in your room.

The Centrepiece Of Your Living Room

You already know that mirrors make any space look open and spacious. They make for amazing wall art and make a smaller room look large. Consider placing a mirrored coffee table to open up your living room from its heart. 

It’ll reflect all the colours and beauty of the furniture surrounding it. And you never have to worry about changing your coffee table when you change your sofas and other furniture. Because a mirrored coffee table will go with anything and everything.

The coffee table will also reflect the natural light from your windows during the day, and the warm light from your handblown AHL lamps in the evening. And of course, anything placed on the coffee table will look magnificent. 

It goes without saying that your glass and mirror coffee table will be THE statement piece in your living room. 

Add A Touch Of Baroque With Venetian Mirrored Furniture

Venetian mirrors were considered to be masterpieces of art. Born on the tiny Italian island of Murano in Venice in the 15th century, Venetian mirrors are renowned for their intricacy and for surpassing the expectations of what a mirror should be.

Adding a piece of Venetian mirror furniture to your home is like adding a work of fine art. It’ll make any room look like an Italian palace from the Renaissance era. We recommend this Italian Armchair With Beautiful Venetian Mirrored Side-pieces

It’s a thing of beauty, with exquisite Venetian mirrored glass decorations on the side panels. These mirror pieces are hand-bevelled and hand-engraved. So you get a one-of-kind, handcrafted art deco piece. Co-ordinating items of furniture are available if you want to amp up the baroque factor of the room.

Final Thoughts

Remember that placement is key when it comes to mirrored furniture. Because mirrors invite energy into your space. So think about placing your mirrors and mirrored furniture where it reflects something beautiful. Maybe a breathtaking view from your windows, or reflecting fabulous wall art. And if it’s not reflecting anything beautiful, place something beautiful in front of it. 

Lastly, don’t forget that we customize your mirrored furniture at All Home Living. The right size, shape and design of mirrored furniture will make all the difference to your interiors. We manufacture mirrors and mirror furniture in our factories in India. Which is why we’re able to give you bespoke mirrored furniture suited to exactly what you need. And remember, we deliver all over India! 

You can now pay through easy instalments when buying our furniture. At 0% interest and additional charges. So get all your new furniture for the new year and pay for it with an easy 12 month EMI. 

Do you like the idea of having mirrored furniture in your home? Which one’s your favourite piece? Make Your Home Fascinating With Mirror Furniture. Let us know in the comments below.  

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