AHL Lounge

AHL Lounge | Confabulation with Young & Talented Akshi

By 21centuryweb | Updated February 8, 2022
AHL Lounge | Confabulation with Young & Talented Akshi

Meet Akshi – the Designer whose name truly defines her. Akshi means ‘Eye’ and her designs are a testament to her eye for beauty and detail. Akshi is a hodophile, she is truly passionate about travelling and loves to explore the beauty of our planet. Befittingly quoted “Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads”, Akshi strongly admires nature’s beauty, the geographical diversity, the rich culture and the vibrant colours that surround us. “The appreciation of these adds another dimension to my profession of colours and design”, says Akshi.

An elegant Bar and Lounge

Interior Design as a profession is not something Akshi had to choose as a career option when she grew. She had an innate passion for interior decoration ever since she was a little girl and the joy of decorating spaces was convincing enough that Interior Designing was her ideal career path.

Classic Kirchen Space

Design Inspiration

A good interior designer can take their interior design inspiration from anything aroud them. Akshi derives her design inspiration from the simplest of things she observes in her circadian life. And simple could be as elementary as a stapler. Yes! you heard it right. Most of the time, inspiratin for designers come from very simplest of things. Eventually, the designs that she creates are for the client. It is a space they live or work in and it needs to reflect their mind. “My designs portray stories that people tell”, expresses Akshi.

Dining Space with Greek Vibes

Project to Cherish

She cherishes this contemporary themed residential space which is one of her favorites . “I had free rein over this space as the owners had given me complete freedom on my design. This home was like my canvas, I could play my mind and eventually, it reflects my flair for style and design in its true sense”.

Well stylized Console

Personal Style

“Minimalism is not a lack of something, It’s simply the perfect amount of something”, said Nicholas Burroughs. And Akshi genuinely believes in this, and put this into action in her modern interior design!

Minimalist Design Space

“I like to design spaces that are uncluttered and give its inmates the space to breathe, which I conceive is imperative in today’s chaotic world”. Akshi keeps in mind the concept of minimalism and will enchant you with her timeless aesthetics modern design.

Lovely Kids Bedroom with Carrom as Wall Accent

Akshi’s advice to readers

Apart from being an adherent minimalist Akshi’s advice to our readers is to invest in movable furniture which is the ongoing trend in this hustling world.

An evergreen Kids Bedroom

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