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How Lighting Can Make Your Home Look Fabulous

By Shabana Feroze | Updated February 14, 2022
How Lighting Can Make Your Home Look Fabulous

At All Home Living, we believe that lighting is EVERYTHING. Which is why in this article we show you how to choose the right lighting that can make your living space exceptional, from your dining room, bedroom, living room, kitchen, balcony and even your bathroom.

From making your home look cozy, to helping you take beautiful selfies. Lighting makes such a big impact in all we do. For instance, did you know that white light has negative energy and warm light gives off positive vibes?

Imagine a room with only the ceiling lights on, and surrounded by modern pendant light. It is warm lighting, inviting, and won’t disturb your sleep. This type of lighting is known for its soft shine as well as it’s ability to wash any room in a soothing glow. Similar lighting can be used in living room using modern chandeliers or flush mount ceiling light or some beautiful designer pendant lights.

Lighting affects the ambience and mood of any space. Get it right, the entire feel of your interiors will improve. Here’s what the interior design experts at AHL have to say about using lighting to up the WOW factor in your home.

A modern living room designed by Jasmine Jhaveri

Choose Unique Light Fixtures

Throw everything you ever learned or thought about lighting. With the plethora of lights available in the market and online, you can be as creative as possible. Want to drape your entire bedroom ceiling with fairy lights? Why not? Never want to take down your colourful chamchamati Diwali lights? Don’t!

Want to add a tiered chandelier to your tiny living room? Errr… let me steer you towards something else – the drop lamp. A drop lamp is a decorative light that adds a fancy touch to any living space. Choose one in a modern design and high-quality finish. It’ll go well with your wall decor and enhance the interiors of any room.

Modern Lindsey Living Room Drop Lamp That Enhances The Home Decor

The Modern Lindsey Living Room Drop Lamp has a unique and novel light frame. Nine-ball heads diffuse light in different directions for a warm but bright glow. This contemporary piece will be the highlight of any room.

Extraordinary Lighting For Your Office Space

You’ve added a pretty cushions to your office chair. You’ve placed colourful photo frames with photos of loved ones on your work desk. Now your office looks personalized.

But have you considered a table lamp? And not just any ordinary table lamp. A hand-blown table lamp in unique colours. It’ll help you not strain your eyes when you’re burning the midnight oil trying to finish that urgent presentation. But it’ll also make your office space look homely and pretty.

Casamotion Olive Green European Modern Table Lamp That Fills Live In Your Office Space

We suggest the Casamotion Olive Green European Modern Table Lamp. Green soothes the eyes and the soul. It’s a great colour to look at after staring at a computer screen for too long. The unique factor about this lamp is that you can place something inside it. A plant, a photo frame, or any other decorative item. Your colleagues will be so jealous.

Use Lighting To Add Colour

A light fixture in a bright colour in a room that has simple furnishings can make the room come alive. It adds fun and interest to your space. And coloured lights can work wonders when the light’s turned on.

There are lots of ways you can choose coloured lights. You can choose hand-blown lamps that come in a myriad of colours, like the one above. Or you can choose lights that have a coloured casing. You can even match the shades of your lighting to your other decor. Or try a cluster of three to four lights for a beautiful burst of colour in one spot in the room.

A Bright Light That Just Fills The Life In The Room

The deep blue colour of this Contemporary Revolve Pendant Light will add a luxurious touch to any space. The shape gives it a modern feel while dispersing subtle ambient light. Great for your study area or hung over your dining table.

Make a Bold Statement With Your Lights

The material, texture, colour and size all play a part in how your lighting fits in with the rest of your home decor. A tall floor lamp placed over the sofa in the living room adds elegance. Pendant lights in a unique shape, hanging over your island table makes your kitchen or bar area look uber luxurious.

So when it comes to choosing your lighting, think about making a bold statement. Choose something oversized. Or in a bold colour or in an unusual metal. It can be in one corner of the room or highlighted in a central area. And it doesn’t have to match the rest of the decor. Let it stand out and be the focal point of the room.

Ceramic Golden Table Lamp One Of it’s Kind

Up the glam factor with this Ceramic Golden Table Lamp on your bedside. It’ll make your bedroom look sumptuous. The glow from the lamp is perfect to wind down. Paired with a luxurious quilt from Quilting Tree, you’ll feel like royalty when you get into bed.

Natural Materials

If you read our article about the biggest home decor trends of the next year, you know that organic and natural materials will be the in thing. Having natural materials in the home is great for the environment, and also great for your mind and body. All those earthy vibes… mmmm. It also adds a rustic and cozy feel of the home. Again something we’ve all been craving since the pandemic hit.

You can get the effect by using bamboo, wood, cane, rattan. And of course, cotton rugs and bedding. Considering Mother Nature, glass is a great material to bring this feature into your home. Good quality, hand-blown glass lamps and lighting add a touch of nostalgia and that grandmillennial vibe we spoke about in the last article. Add to the rustic feel by getting an antique lighting fixture or one that has an antique look.

Casamotion Antique Fancy Suspension Pendant Light

The soft pastel colours of this Casamotion Antique Fancy Suspension Pendant Light will make your space look comfortable and inviting. The glass is hand-blown by skilled craftsmen, using techniques dating back thousands of years. Add a cuckoo clock on the wall and you’ve got a beautiful traditional vibe going.

Those were our expert tips on how lighting can transform your home. Explore all the exquisite lighting and creative lamps at All Home Living by clicking here. We offer delivery all over India.

Let us know which tip you found most useful in the comments below!

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