How to Get That European Home Decor Feel

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european home decor

We all love the rustic, homey and rich home decor of Europe. Our interior experts show you how to get that feel with a few careful, strategic interior choices.

What do you think when you picture European decor? Gilt mirrors? Chandeliers? Intricate antique patterns? 

We love European decor elegance. There’s just something so wam, rustic, and homely about it. At All Home Living, we not only dream about what European decor looks like, but we’ve got everything for you to make your European home decor dreams come true. 

In this article, we’re showcasing the best of AHL and Ozel Homes European furnishing, bedding and home decor pieces for you to style your home the European way. All right here in India. 

The Royal Glam of Italy

Italian furnishing is all about gilt and glam. It’s about intricate designs, mirrors, handcrafted pieces and handblown glass. To bring a piece of Italian glam home, go for mirrored furniture with a Venetian touch to it. Or simply add a Venetian wall mirror to any part of your home. The intricate handwork of these mirror designs add regality to your space. 

This Italian armchair with beautiful Venetian mirrored sides is a great piece to take your living room from drab to glam.

Italy is famous for Murano glass. Exquisite mouthblown and handblown glass in different shape and colours that mesmerize with their beauty. While you may not be able to hang a massive Murano chandelier in your living room, you certainly can add Murano glass vases, lamps and pendant lights from our Italian glass brand, Casamotion. And oh- if you do want to hang a sleek chandelier, we have those, too.

The Rusticness Of Germany

The Rusticness Of Germany

Bring a piece of that tough rustic demeanour of Germany with an authentic cuckoo clock. Handcrafted wood, the magic of fairytales, and German precision. All these elements blend together in Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks

These clocks come in lots of different styles to match your interior decor theme. Modern, classic, vintage. With fairytale characters, forest animals, dancers and musicians. These clocks not only look unique because of the pendulum and cuckoos, but they add that rustic touch. 

The Charm of Old England

Old England is charming and quaint. The elegance of the old era, the beauty of the English countryside. Add a touch of these to your home. 

European homes

Our Victorian photo frames are a great addition to your home decor for that English touch. With ornamental frilly borders and gilted edges, these are perfect vintage Victorian-era pieces. The set comes with 3 photo frames and one jewellery box. All the sets are in bright and rich colours that are a trademark of the Victorian era. Place them on your bedside table or on a mirrored console table for that rich, exquisite English charm.  

Nothing says English country like luxurious and sumptuous bedding. Add the comfort of the English countryside to your bedroom with Quilting Tree’s quilts and bedspreads. With designs ranging from floral patterns, quilted patchwork, to embroidered bedspreads, granny chic never felt so easy. 

The Contrasts Of France 

French decor is a study in contrasts. Its known for its rich designs and modern art deco themes. Swirly vine and floral designs, ornamental patterns and big motifs. Lace and leather. Gold and silver. Old and new. French decor is a blend of rustic and refined. 

Bring texture and tone together with metal wall art pieces. These pieces add dimension to your walls and can be matched with all types of furnishings. For a richer feel, try a leather armchair with antique gold arms.

Go vintage and bring Renaissance-era France home with this Mirrored Glass French Leg Coffee Table

Or go for a more modern artistic feel with this French art deco sideboard in a red leather finish

In Conclusion

Making small changes to your home decor by keeping certain interior decor themes in mind makes a world of a difference to how your home looks. In the end, it’s all about your personality and what you want your living space to embody. Whether it’s a European touch, a minimalist feel, or an over-the-top vintage vibe, it can all be done to suit your unique tastes. 

All Home Living boasts one of the largest home decor and home technology collections in India. We deliver all over India so you get the home of your dreams. Easy interest-free EMIs, money-back guarantees, and live video calling to make sure you’re buying exactly what you want. All these services are available with us for your convenience.

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