Five Bedroom Decor Elements That Make It SUPER Cozy

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Bedroom decor

These simple changes can transform your bedroom into the Pinterest-type bedroom you always dreamed of. These five bedroom decor elements will make your room super cozy.

You’ve been super busy lately. And the whole house is a clutter-strewn mess. But when you enter your bedroom, immediately your heart rate slows down, your breathing deepens, and you feel relaxed. 

Bedroom Decor
Aesthetically Designed Bedroom By Aum Architects

All of us should strive to make our bedroom the most warm, cosy and inviting room of the house. Whether you have a bedroom of your own or you share it with a roommate, sibling or partner. 

In this article we tell you about the five key elements that can transform your bedroom to your personal haven. Keep reading below.

Lamps with Warm Lighting

Essentially, all the lighting in your bedroom should be warm lighting. But maybe you have tubelights and white lights installed by the building owner. Or you need the white light because your bedroom also doubles up as your office. 

warm lighting
Bed Lamps with warm lighting designed by Kasturi Relekar

All you need to do, then, is to have two lamps with warm bulbs. You can place them either side of your bed, to make your bed look more comfortable and relaxing. But placed wherever in the room, lamps bring a soft warm glow to your bedroom in the evenings. We suggest that after sunset, you turn off all the lights and put only the lamps on. This helps the body wind down after staring at the blue light of your phone and laptop all day.

Make Your Bed Everyday. By Covering It With a Quilt

Studies have shown that making your bed in the morning is a surefire way to feel happy. Our suggestion? Do it with a beautiful fluffy quilt. Not only will it transform your sleeping space, but it’s SO easy to make your bed when there’s a thick quilt

Quilt decor
A Bed Beautifully styled with a Quilt Styled By Jasmine Jhaveri

All you have to do is smooth the quilt over your bed, prop up your pillows and voila! Your bed is made! And it looks like something out of a quaint bed and breakfast.

Quilts and bedspreads are also a great way to keep your bedroom looking and feeling fresh. Even if all you have is two bedspreads and quilt covers, changing them up once a month will make your whole room look new. 

Fairy Lights

Also known as rice lights, fairy lights strung up anywhere make a place look enchanting. They’re cheap, and available almost everywhere. Get a few strings, get a few batteries, and you’re good to go.

Fairy lights in bedroom
Fairy Lights as a Back Drop for the Bed

Drape them over or on top of your bed’s headboard, let them hang over your curtains, or make a fancy pattern on your ceiling. Let your imagination run wild.. Putting them on during the evenings with your lamps will make your bedroom an enchanting place that you never want to leave.

A Thick Rug

One of the fastest ways of making your bedroom look and FEEL warmer, is by placing rugs. It’s perfect for when the winter comes but you don’t want to get wall-to-wall carpeting done.

Area Rug
A contemporary rug placed under the bed

You can choose a few rugs of different sizes, based on the size and shape of your room. Choose rugs like the ones from Quilting Tree that have stickers under so they won’t slip on the floor. Place one under your bed, one near your dressing table, and one near your work table, if it’s in your bedroom. Basically, any area that you know you’re going to stand on or sit with your feet touching the ground, make sure there’s a rug there.

Photos Of Loved Ones

Family pictures in bedroom
Wedding Pics hung behind the bed

Last but not the least, display photos of your loved ones in your room. This makes your room more personal and more ‘you’. Pick the photos that spark the most joy for you. Hang them using clips on your fairy lights. Or display them in pretty photo frames. And everytime you look at them, you’ll feel your heart smile. 

Final Thoughts

These are a few quick ways of making your bedroom more comfortable, warm and inviting. What are your favourite ways of making your bedroom decor look and feel more you, and feel like a haven when you enter? Let us know in the comments below!

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