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8 Best DALI Speakers and Soundbars in India

By Shabana Feroze | Updated December 29, 2021
8 Best DALI Speakers and Soundbars in India

Rounding up the best DALI speakers for your home.

No. I’m not talking about the melted clock. That’s another Dali.

DALI stands for (Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries). The company started in Scandinavia in 1983. There was a high demand for quality audio systems from the Hi-Fi community.

Hi-Fi stands for High Fidelity. It’s a term used by listeners, audiophiles, and home audio enthusiasts to refer to high-quality reproduction of sound.

Hi-Fi lovers in Scandinavia wanted a combination of size, shape, performance, and price that existing audio brands didn’t have. DALI recognized this need. They committed to creating loudspeakers with outstanding performance and natural sound. All at the best prices.

DALI is inspired by the belief that it’s possible to create a unique sonic identity. One that focuses on musical realism and sound integrity. And with that belief, they set out to redefine the reproduction of sound.

Now with more than 35 years of experience and a multitude of awards, DALI has advanced the field of music tech. What I love the most about this brand, is their respect for creators of music. In their own words,

“It gives us great satisfaction to breathe life into recorded music and create a credible illusion of being there in tribute to the performers and out of respect for the audience.”

It’s no wonder then that they have an impressive one million-plus satisfied DALI owners in more than 70 countries.

DALI has a huge range of speakers to suit every taste. But which ones should you focus on? We rounded up the best of the best of DALI speakers in India- Bluetooth speakers, soundbars, bookshelf speakers, floor standing speakers.

They’re listed below from lowest priced to the higher priced range, together with their unique features and specs. So you can make an informed decision. Click on the links to get all the details.

The Best DALI Speakers in India

Browse DALI Hi-Fi loudspeaker reviews here:

1. DALI KATCH- the cute Bluetooth speaker you can throw in your bag

The Best DALI Katch Hi-Fi loudspeaker

The DALI KATCH is a portable Bluetooth loudspeaker. Its uniqueness lies in the two audio profiles it boasts of: ‘Clear’ and ‘Warm’. ‘Clear’ is perfect for most listening situations and music genres. ‘Warm’ is for when your music needs that extra bass – perfect for bigger rooms.

DALI KATCH Bluetooth speaker specs & features:

  • Bluetooth 4.0 Apt connection or mini-jack input
  • NFC pairing available
  • 2600 mAh internal battery offers up to 24-hours of untethered playback.
  • Full digital class D amplifier
  • USB charge output
  • Chromecast Audio Dongle accessory optional
  • Clear mid-range frequency
  • Leather carry strap

2. The DALI KATCH ONE Soundbar- the stylish soundbar for your TV

Elegant DALI KATCH ONE Soundbar for your TV

With a chic and compact design, the DALI KATCH ONE has an incredible 10 built-in drivers. Plus a powerful 4x 50W amplifier. This ensures movie soundtracks are always sweeping, dialogue is crisp and clear. And music is as the musician intended.

This soundbar has two different sound modes “Wide” and “Focus”. This makes the DALI KATCH ONE perform with the widest selection of movies, documentaries, news and music. “Focus” offers a focused and linear audio reproduction. “Wide” offers an impressive and dynamic audio rendering – bringing a room-filling, powerful sound.

DALI KATCH ONE Soundbar specs & features:

  • Bluetooth™ 4.0 AAC & Apt-X
  • Dual Sound Mode (Wide/Focus)
  • Frequency range 46 – 25,000 Hz
  • 4x 50W amplifier
  • Digital Class-D amplifiers
  • HDMI, 2 x Optical (TosLink), 3.5 mm Mini Jack
  • USB Charge Output (5V/1A)

3. DALI KUBIK ONE soundbar- for true Hi-Fi reproduction

The Best DALI KUBIK ONE soundbar

The DALI KUBIK ONE is an audiophile’s dream come true. It’s an all-in-one sound system designed with a passion for genuine Hi-Fi reproduction.

KUBIK ONE is a true DALI loudspeaker at its core. It’s equipped with well-known loudspeaker technologies. The combination of clever low-loss technologies results in a major improvement in bass control, reproduction of micro details, and greater transparency.

DALI KUBIK ONE Soundbar specs & features:

  • Frequency Range 48 – 22,000 Hz
  • Full digital Class D, open loop type amplifier
  • 3.5 mm Mini Jack, RCA, Optical (Toslink) USB (Micro)
  • Connection output of SUB Out and USB Charge Output (5V/1A)
  • BlueTooth™ Apt-X
  • Soft dome tweeters
  • Wood fibre cones
  • Low-loss rubber surrounds
  • Glass-reinforced polymer basket
  • Full digital 4-channel stereo Class D amplifier

4. DALI OBERON 3 – Bookshelf Speaker Pair- the best of both worlds

The most effective DALI OBERON 3 Bookshelf Speaker Pair

The DALI OBERON 3 combines the powerful sound of a floor speaker with the compact design of a bookshelf speaker.

The ultra-lightweight 29 mm soft dome tweeter integrates with the 7″ wood fibre woofer. This results in impressive highs, detailed and crisp mids, and coherent, well-timed bass. The OBERON 3 is a true showcase of DALI ideas, traditions, and inventions. Wrapped in an elegant and modern design.

DALI OBERON 3 specs & features:

  • Frequency Range 47 – 26,000 Hz
  • Single wire connection input
  • 29 mm ultra-light soft dome tweeter
  • SMC to reduce mechanical distortions
  • 7″ low-loss woofer

5. DALI OBERON 5 – Floor Standing Speaker Pair- dil dhadkane wala bass

Best DALI Speakers and Soundbars in India
DALI OBERON 5 Floor Standing Speaker Pair is the most powerful.

DALI OBERON 5 is the ultimate performer. It’s a compact and elegant floor-standing speaker, housing 2 x 5¼” wood fibre SMC based woofers. Plus the series’ wide bandwidth 29 mm ultra-lightweight soft dome tweeter. This slim floor-stander will surprise you with its ability to deliver a deep firm bass.

This is because the speakers have acoustic damping material on the sides, top, and bottom. This creates a more direct contact between the woofer and the bass port. The audible result is a more precise bass and increased ‘attack’ in the midrange. The patented SMC disk means you get lower mechanical distortion.

DALI OBERON 5 features & specs:

  • Frequency Range 39 – 26,000 Hz
  • Single wire connection input
  • 5.25″ low-loss woofers
  • 29 mm ultra-lightweight soft dome tweeter
  • Patented SMC disk
  • The wide dispersion of sound
  • Reduced harmonic distortion

6. DALI OBERON 7 – Floor Standing Speaker Pair- the best sounding speakers in its class

Best DALI Speakers and Soundbars in India
Incredible DALI OBERON 7 Floor Standing Speaker

The DALI OBERON 7 speaker redefines what’s possible. Both in audio quality and visual design. Two 7″ woofers and one oversized 29 mm ultra-lightweight soft dome tweeter means that it delivers the best in deep bass and large room performance.

It’s a thoroughbred Hi-Fi speaker which gives you detailed sound. A strong bass, a midrange that’s obvious even in high levels, and a detailed treble. Despite its size, this speaker is lightweight and looks sleek. It’s available in a variety of colors, so it adds to the decor of your room.

DALI OBERON 7 specs & features:

  • Frequency Range 36 – 26,000 Hz
  • Single wire connection input
  • Two 7″ woofers
  • 29 mm soft dome tweeter
  • Patented SMC disk
  • Wide dispersion of sound
  • Reduced harmonic distortion

7. DALI SPEKTOR 2 – Bookshelf Speaker Pair- large sound in a compact design

Best DALI Speakers and Soundbars in India
Tiny but delivers a great amount of sound DALI SPEKTOR 2

Even though the DALI SPEKTOR 2 is a compact speaker, its larger inner volume delivers great bass. The bigger surface area of the 5¼” woofer and 25 mm soft dome tweeter increases the sound pressure levels. This makes this the perfect choice for larger rooms that need a compact speaker. It’s also a great addition to your home theatre system for an immersive movie experience.

The SPEKTOR 2 – and its smaller sibling SPEKTOR 1 are ideal for wall mounting, shelf, or stand positioning. They work well in combination with any compact Hi-Fi music systems.

DALI SPEKTOR 2 specs & features:

  • Frequency Range 54 – 26,000 Hz
  • Bass reflex enclosure
  • Single wire connection input
  • 25 mm soft dome tweeter
  • 5.25″ woofer
  • Low signal loss

8. DALI SPEKTOR 6 – Floor Standing Speaker Pair- the POWERhouse

Best DALI Speakers and Soundbars in India
DALI SPEKTOR 6 Bookshelf Speaker with Dynamic and Powerful Sound

If you’re looking for affordable floor standing speakers that pack a punch, the SPEKTOR 6 is for you. They boast a detailed, dynamic and powerful sound. The perfect choice for any stereo or surround setup in combination with the SPEKTOR 1 or SPEKTOR 2 speakers.

The DALI SPEKTOR 6 is built around two 6½” woofers and a 25 mm soft dome tweeter. The SPEKTOR 6 tweeter renders high frequencies with high accuracy. It’s made of an ultra-lightweight weaved fabric, unlike any other in the market.

The beauty of the soft dome tweeter is its impressive ability to play even the lowest parts of a high-frequency range without any break-ups. So this is crucial when handling the transition from the woofer to the tweeter. And you’re not pushing either the woofer or tweeter beyond what they do best. This results in a seamless transition and preservation of every detail in the mid-range.

DALI SPEKTOR 6 specs & features:

  • Frequency Range 43 – 26,000 Hz
  • Two 6½” woofers
  • 25 mm soft dome tweeter
  • Low mechanical loss at low listening levels
  • The wide dispersion of sound
  • Reduced harmonic distortion

There you go. Now you know which DALI speaker is the best for what you need.

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