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Home Decor Trends of 2022

By Shabana Feroze | Updated February 16, 2022
Home Decor Trends of 2022

The home decor trends that All Home Living predicts will be all the rage in 2022. We show how you can easily add them to your space.

2020 was a gamechanger in terms of home decor and interiors. Because we were all forced to #StayHome. And #WorkFromHome. That meant finding ways to make our homes super duper comfortable, beautiful and sacred.

Moving into 2022, the emerging home decor and interior design trends point to the same things- making our homes as comfortable and inviting as possible, in the most creative ways of the interior desing styles. That sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

In this article, we’re going to list all the home decor and interior design trends 2022. And not just that. We’ll show you how you can incorporate them into your interiors. So that you’re one step ahead of the Sharma’s. Hey, next year we’ll be able to have guests over, at least.

Comfortable decor

Due to the lockdown, everyone was stuck inside the house. Everybody was depressed and was looking for ways to stay motivated amids lockdown. People had plenty of time. Comfort was key in 2020. People had thought about thousands of home decor ideas to decorate their home in different ways, and that’s how a new trend of interior decor arose. The trend will continue in 2022 with layers of functional comfort in your space. It’s a comeback of old-school home furnishings and traditional decor.

The great thing about traditional styles is that you can count on it always looking the same. This provides comfort and support to us during uncertain times.

Think squishy couches, softer curves, and rounded styles of furniture. Sofas and armchairs you can curl up on with a soft throw to read a book or to binge watch. Traditional handcrafted furniture which brings a feeling of rusticness. Soft, rich fabrics and wood textures that add to that cozy vibe.

Cotton Rug

Squishy Green Patchwork Cotton Rug For Living Room

This green patchwork rug made of cotton is the ideal addition to your living room to enhance comfort. The colour combo of green, ivory, and brown is earthy and soothing. Perfect to match with wood decor and pieces. Handcrafted in India, all rugs by Quilting Tree bring that artisanal feel to your home.

Bold wall colours and wallpaper

Neutral wall tones have been the rage the last few years, but interior design experts predict bold colors are going to be the trend in 2022.

This trend is inspired by a desire to create a home that has a bit more personality and flair. It’s reminiscent of the Victorian era which was one of the golden eras of home entertaining. People decorated their homes with bold and intense colors.

One of the trending colours for walls is navy. Navy living rooms made waves in the interior world this year. The colour brings a hint of sophisticated masculinity to a room.

It’s a great idea to do up your living room walls in bolder colours, but not your bedroom and office space. Because that will influence your mood when you’re trying to work or sleep. A bold wall colour is great for the living room or dining room. You can achieve this look with either paint or wallpaper. Textured wallpapers in different colours are having a big moment right now.

Floral Prints

Beautiful Floral Print and Pattern For Wall Decor

Try wallpapers from House of The Designery, a brand that offers bespoke pattern solutions for your home. ‘Prints & Patterns’ are at the heart of this brand. To know more, read all about the journey of Nikita Mehta Shah– Founder of ‘House of the Designery’,in our AHL Brand Story highlight.

Grandmillennial is also an attractive design style because it’s affordable and eco-friendly in practice. It includes antiques and wood furniture. You could get a lot of decor items and showpieces from flea markets and purchase secondhand furniture.

Quilted Bedspread
Cozy Floral Quilted Bedspread By Quilting Tree

This floral quilted bedspread from our brand Quilting Tree is great to add a grandmillennial touch to your bedroom. It’s reversible with the same design underneath. Machine washable and of medium weight, you’ll be using it all year round.

Materials that look natural and organic

All of us have become more and more aware about the state of the earth. Global warming and climate change are real issues. With such issues looming large, we want our home decor to be made from sustainable, eco-friendly materials.

People are concerned about the environmental impact of home furnishing. Sustainable production of natural fibers means that it doesn’t involve deforestation. The trend for fast consumption is slowly dying in both the fashion and the home decor worlds. People want quality pieces they can keep for a long time.

And it’s not just that. Natural materials such as bamboo, cane, leather and rattan, bring an earthier, rustic vibe to your space. Your space feels more aligned with nature. All these different textures evoke a calming effect.

Casmotion Pendant Light

The Greige Grey Hanging Pendant Light By Casmotion

This greige (grey +beige, another colour trend for 2022) pendant light from Casamotion is great for that rustic feel. All Casamotion lights are handmade and sustainable. Each individual piece of elemental artistic glassware is hand blown by skilled craftsmen using methods practiced for thousands of years.

Minimalist wall art

The minimalist lifestyle is inspired by Scandinavian designs. It encourages us to buy things that are useful, beautiful and well-designed. Less is more. And as Marie Kondo taught us, clutter is a no-no.

As we crave a calmer environment, the art on our walls makes a big difference to how we feel in our homes. Minimalist wall art adds to the sense of calm. With bolder walls and wallpapers, what we put up on our walls as wall decor needs to be well-thought.

We suggest unique mirror art that attracts with its clean lines. It also makes a space look bigger. Or simple line drawings that look super chic. Another idea would be to purchase black and white photography, but get it framed well.

Wall Decor Piece

Black iron circular wall decor piece by Ozel Homes

This black iron circular wall decor piece by Ozel Homes will add a touch of minimalism to your space. It’s certain to be a conversation starter. Made of wrought iron and made entirely by hand, it’s a one-of-a-kind piece that you can get by placing an order with us.

We hope you enjoyed our home decor trends predictions for 2022. Which of these is your favourite? Which trend do you want to see ore of in the new year? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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