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State-of-the-art DALI speakers for a wonderful home cinema experience. Buy the best DALI speakers online with a perfect balance between portability and superior audio performance from All Home Living.

Browse DALI’S range of high-end speakers from India’s official online dealer, which come with GST an invoice, and a manufacturer’s warranty. ✓Best Deals ✓No Cost EMI.

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DALI Sound Systems

Our mission and the key to our success are providing turnkey custom home theatres and automation systems.
From design to installation, every step of the process will be handled by the All Home Living team. We offer a consortium of DALI’S products tailored to your budget without compromising on the sound quality.

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About DALI

Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries, popularly known as DALI, is one of the largest manufacturers and leading brands of premium quality loudspeakers. Founded in 1983 by Peter Lyngdorf, the company has met the increasing demand for good audio quality.

With over 37 years of experience and global identification, DALI is represented in more than 70 countries. The brand offers a range of Loudspeakers in different sizes, styles, shapes, and performances at a very competitive price. DALI strives to provide its customers the best. With advanced technology, the drivers and passive filters are designed and handcrafted by the brand to achieve precision through constant research and development. Apart from the technical features, DALI also takes care of the appearance of its products.

Types of DALI Products

DALI manufactures products according to the requirement and convenience of the customers. You can listen to music no matter where you are with a wide variety of DALI products.

Here are some of the significant DALI products:

DALI Speaker Series

DALI has a wide variety of speaker series with different specifications and technologies, giving the customers plenty of choices. You can buy the speakers according to your need and budget.

Here are some of the distinguished DALI Speaker Series:

Benefits of choosing DALI

DALI is all about authenticity; all the products are made with extra attention and special care, ensuring the best performance. The brand has very high standards when it comes to the quality of the products. The speakers are widely used, trusted, and recommended by music experts, great musicians, and industry professionals.

Music enthusiasts and people who love home entertainment, DALI speakers are the best option for you. The speakers give you a real-life experience with refined audio. Here are some of the best qualities of DALI speakers:

  1. Clear and undistorted audio
  2. Natural sound reproduction
  3. Wide Dispersion
  4. Hi-Fi Performance
  5. Convenient integration
  6. Optimized Amplifier
  7. Low Resonance Cabinet
  8. Brilliant Time Coherence
  9. 3D Audio
  10. Hand Crafted parts
  11. Aesthetically appealing design
  12. Good quality Structure
  13. Easy Installation
  14. Cost-effective
  15. Highly Durable

DALI’s Aim

DALI aims at creating the most high-grade quality speakers for a fantastic listening experience. The brand believes that to produce the best possible sound, you must have a passion for music. There are no compromises when building a DALI product; every product is made in the admiration of music.

Why we love DALI?

DALI spends a lot of time in innovation, research, and development. Every time a new product is manufactured, it comes with a massive change and unique features enhancing its experience. The products are not assembled with imported parts but made from scratch. The evolutionary process, quality work, and genuine approach are worth all the credit.

Make a wise choice today and buy a DALI speaker/product without a doubt.


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