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Floor Standing Speakers

Floor standing speakers have been a cornerstone of home audio systems for decades. Also known as tower speakers, they are able to deliver a big and full sound that’s difficult to match.

Floor standing speakers are ideal if you’re looking for a powerful, dynamic sound for your hi-fi or home cinema. All Home Living helps you discover and buy the best Home Theater, Professional Audio, AV Equipment, Smart Home & Office productivity products in India. Explore top brands like DALI, Denon, Marantz, Focal, Klipsch, JBL, etc. Buy Floorstanding Speakers at Best Prices in India.
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Best Floor Standing Speakers for Exquisite Sound Quality

Floor standing speakers are very popular these days. Floor standing speakers are solid and produce super-powerful bass. For many decades, floor-standing speakers have been used to set up the perfect home theatre experience for the people. 

Floor standing speakers are also known as tower speakers as they stand tall and robust as a tower. The kind of sound quality they offer is unbeatable. Best floor standing speakers are not complex and very simple to install. So, if you are planning to build a cinema-like experience in your living room, floor-standing speakers are all that you need. Floor standing speakers are expensive, and you must consider several factors before investing in one.

Floor Standing Speaker Size

As the name suggests, floor standing speakers are to be placed on a floor and occupy space. These speakers need to physically fit within the available space. Unlike in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, these speakers must be provided enough space.

If you have big rooms with enough floor space, then you should go for floor-standing speakers. Also, the bigger the size of your room is, the bigger size of speakers you’ll need. Small speakers will not be enough to fill the entire room with sound.

If you wish to design a room completely for home theatre purposes, opt for ceilings, walls, and curtains that dampen the sound. It will give complete cinema feels.

What should I know before buying floor-standing speakers?

Now that you know the space and other requirements of floor standing speakers let us discuss its implications. You need to look for certain features in the speakers before buying one.

  • Frequency Response: The frequency of a speaker is measured in Hertz. It is the range of sound the speaker can produce. The frequency range of floor standing speakers should be high.
  • Impedance: Impedance is the current resistance impacting the load the speaker can handle. Impedance value for floor standing speakers ranges from 4,8 to 16 ohms. You should also consider the impedance of your amplifier, as it should match the speakers.
  • Sensitivity: Sensitivity is how effectively power is converted into sound by the speaker. Measured in decibels, the difference of a few decibels can make a big impact. Floor standing speakers have high sensitivity as compared to most other types of speakers.

  • Drivers: Drivers are the source of noise when you run the speaker. There can be one or more drivers in the speakers. Also, the best floor standing speakers will come with in-built woofers and subwoofers.


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Overall Outlook

Floor standing speakers are a great investment if you love high-quality audio experiences. 

Best floorstanding speakers look sleek and stylish. Most renowned brands offer a wide range of these speakers. 

If you have enough room space, floor standing speakers can enhance the outlook and audio experience of your audio system. All Home Living offers floor standing speakers India from top brands. 

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