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DALI Soundbar

DALI soundbar is an audiophile all-in-one sound system designed with a passion for genuine hi-fi reproduction. The soundbar combines superior audio reproduction with a fresh appealing look. Buy this incredible DALI’s Bluetooth Soundbar online in India from AHL at the best prices.

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Introduce your home to the best in acoustic brilliance – DALI Soundbars

A soundbar is when multiple speakers are placed in a single cabinet, which helps to create surround sound and/or stereo effect. To bring your living room alive with a truly immersive sound experience, you obviously need to choose a brand that offers the unbeatable combination of exceptional sound quality, stylish design, elegant mounting options, and excellent compatibility features at competitive prices. Now, you get all this and a lot more with the exciting range of DALI soundbars.

Experience the finesse of Danish craftsmanship and technology in DALI Katch One soundbar designed to cater to all your acoustic demands. As per the DALI soundbar review, be it music, movies, or talk shows, these soundbars transform your living room into an impressive entertainment hub of international standards. Visit All Home Living today to choose from an impressive range of Dali speakers for all your entertainment needs.

Superior sound quality with stylish looks

Box-shaped soundbars have been around for a really long time. If you are looking for something different and unique among soundbars, you are sure to be impressed by the simple yet classy looks of DALI Bluetooth soundbars. These tall and slender soundbars featuring rounded ends are available in three elegant color choices – Mountain White, Ivory White, and Iron Black – to blend in with all kinds of home décor. The aesthetic factor is taken a step ahead by placing all buttons on the top rather than on the front for a sleek and clean front view.

The breathtaking audio technology of these DALI soundbar speakers is sure to impress your guests and convey your penchant for the finer things in life. With unmatched voice clarity, powerful bass, smooth musical delivery, and wide soundstage, DALI’s best soundbars open up exciting new vistas of entertainment.

Home entertainment touches a new high with DALI soundbars

Music and movie enthusiasts continually demand better products to explore the nuances of their favorite movies and music genre in new ways. DALI HiFi soundbars are a great stride in this direction with their rich, smooth, and solid rendering of the music.

The impressive clarity, tasteful stereo response, and powerful bass enrich your musical experience and treat you to a delightful playback with a fine balance of lead voices and soundtracks. The subtlest of instruments magically come alive and voices acquire more definition, thanks to the superior build and technology of these DALI Kubik One soundbars.

Soft dialogues in movies are not overwhelmed by dynamic, background scores. The faintest of whispers sound crisp and totally intelligible. Play your favorite action thrillers to discover the true potential of these soundbars. Even amidst the earth-shattering sounds of buildings collapsing and cars crashing, you will not miss the delicate sounds of splintering glass.

Features of DALI’s KATCH ONE Soundbar

  • Get the Most Out of your TV – The KATCH ONE provides controlled bass for action-packed movies, clear and understandable voices when watching the news, and a perfect balance of both when listening to a live musical performance.
  • Audio Profiles – The two sound modes, “Wide” and “Focus,” are intended to allow the KATCH ONE to play the most diverse selection of movies, documentaries, news, and music.
  • Mounting Options – Using the keyhole mount on the back, the KATCH ONE can be mounted close to the TV.
  • Flexibility – The DALI KATCH ONE has a variety of connections, including those for connecting your TV, smartphone/tablet (Bluetooth & Mini Jack), CD player, audio streamer, subwoofer, or powering your Amazon Echo or Google Chromecast via USB.

Features of DALI’s KUBIK ONE Soundbar

  • Wood Fibre Cone – This combination of paper pulp and wood fibre stiffens and lightens the cones, ensuring that every micro detail in the signal is reproduced unfiltered.
  • Aluminium Cabinet – A rigid construction allows for a large inner volume, allowing for a powerful bass performance in a small cabinet.
  • Stereo solution – Through traditional speaker technology, the KUBIK series provides a true stereo solution with a genuine sound stage.
  • Connectivity – Simple connectivity via a variety of sources, including Bluetooth, USB (Micro), optical (Toslink), and RCA (Chinc)


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