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Four Tips To Choose The Best Bedding

By Shabana Feroze | Updated January 22, 2022
Four Tips To Choose The Best Bedding

Top Factors To Consider When Choosing Bedspreads and Quilts For Yourself and Your Loved Ones.

In one of our recent articles, we talked about how a few tweaks to your home decor can aid in better sleep REM sleep. Because like food, sleep is one of those essentials that contributes majorly to living well and a good health. When you sleep better, you function better. You’re happier, you make better decisions, and what’s more, you look good and fill fresh throughout the day. Then, what you sleep on is one of the most important furnishing items and also a home decor items in your bedroom which will be a focal pointas it will be one thing that your eyes would fall on first as soon as you enter your bedroom. Because that has a direct impact on your seven hour REM sleep.

The design experts of home decor items at All Home Living know the value and importance of good sleep, which is why we have a dedicated brand for bedding and furnishing called Quilting Tree. Keep reading to know how you can make better choices when choosing your bedding, and why the right bedding makes the perfect gift, too.

Bedding Material

When choosing quilts and bedspreads for your bedding, the first thing to look at is the material. Make sure you’re choosing bed linens in natural material. 100% cotton sheets are the safest because cotton is a breathable fabric with low chances of allergies. Man-made materials like poly cotton attract more dust and can cause skin allergies as they have chemicals in the material.

Bedding Material

At Quilting Tree, all our quilts, bedspreads and pillow covers are made from 100% cotton, handcrafted in India, to make sure they’re healthy and safe. This means that you get a restful sleep because you have a natural cotton sheet under you. And you’re covering yourself with a comfortable, fluffy quilt, which is all natural and lets your skin breathe at night.

When To Change Your Bedsheets

It’s important to change your bedsheets and pillow covers regularly. An average pillow can have more than 350,000 potentially live bacteria colonies on them. Change your 100% cotton bedsheets anywhere between one to two weeks.

If you’re not using 100% cotton bed linen, then you should be washing them every week, if not twice. Using the same sheets for a longer period of time without washing can give rise to toxic bacteria that can make you sick.

Did you know that because Quilting Tree bedspreads are made of unadulterated cotton grown in India, the sheets get softer with each wash? And those fluffier cotton sheets feel so good!

Styling Your Bed

It’s not just about how your bedding feels, but about how your bed looks. Because your bed is the focal point of your bedroom’s interiors. The bedding you choose affects how your bedroom looks and feels, and how you feel. Let your choice of bedding reflect your unique personality and taste. So when you go to bed or even enter your bedroom, you breathe a sigh of contentment at the sight of your gorgeous bed.

And because all of us have such unique tastes, preferences, room sizes and living arrangements, Quilting Tree has one of the largest collections of bedding in India. To satisfy every type of Indian out there. From elegant solid colours to pretty florals to luxury quilts to simple manly prints and patterns, choose what makes you happy.

The Price Factor

Of course, price is one of the main factors in choosing a bedspread and quilt set. Maybe you find high quality bedding, or Quilting Tree bedding to be on the pricier side. But remember that buying good quality sheets which you use every single day, is not an expense. It’s an investment.

You should be sure to get the best quality sheets you can. Cheap bed sheets can cause irritations, rashes, and other skin problems. When buying a new set of sheets, make sure it is soft and smooth to prevent skin irritation. Make sure you wash your new set of sheets in cold water twice before use so that there are less chemicals in them.

Because of your cost-per-use. You’ll be using your bed linens for several nights a year. Maybe 100, maybe 200 nights a year. Your per night cost is very low. You get better sleep, and that luxury hotel feeling every single night. Now that’s worth a lot! So always choose best quality sheets over cheep bed sheets.

Gift The Gift Of Better Sleep

Once you’ve experienced the luxury and comfort of Quilting Tree bedding, you’ll want to gift them to everyone you love. Everyone uses bedsheets, so they’re a safe bet for gifting. Choose a bedsheet or quilt based on your loved one’s personality, and we guarantee you that your gift will be thoroughly appreciated.

Are you ready to gift yourself and your loved ones the gift of premium sleep and a gorgeous-looking bedroom? If yes, explore Quilting Tree’s collection of bedspreads. And let us know your favourite ones in the comments below!

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