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Stay Motivated Amidst Lockdown

By 21centuryweb | Updated April 6, 2022
Stay Motivated Amidst Lockdown

Stay Home, Stay Safe but also stay cheerful, stay motivated in these quarantine times! While the lockdown has gotten all of us a bit down it has had its share of positives too. It has given you all the ‘ME’ time you ever asked for! Of course, you have been juggling between numerous chores of work, family, and household but again it has given you an opportunity to give your home and family all the time desired.

Since lockdown is keeping you home all the time you may feel flat as a pancake. Let’s boost your energy and bring in some color to the dull times by carrying out some quick transformations at home. Where do you begin?


Organize Your Wardrobe
Organize Your Wardrobe To Get Positive Change
Wardrobe Ideas For Kitchen
Organized Kitchen Wardrobe Can Ease Your Cooking

You have heard this more often than not, haven’t you? But yes, decluttering seems to be the foremost way to declutter your life and bring in positive vibes during this lockdown. As the tidying expert, Marie Kondo says “Live a Life that sparks Joy” and the way to achieve it is clearing up the unwanted clutter you have at home.

You can begin with your clothes which may take most of your time or start with the small drawers in your room which may not consume too much of your time. Organizing your drawers, cupboard, wardrobes, dressing area and rooms will eventually make you feel more accomplished and joyful! You can even watch a few episodes of ‘Tidying up with Marie Kondo’ on Netflix to get some tips 🙂

Rearrange Rooms

Furniture Ideas
Furniture Ideas For New a Way Of Home Set Up
 Furniture Set UP During Lockdown
Rearrange Your Furniture During Lockdown

You may sense humdrum and dullness staying in the same home setup. Get a whole new look by trying out different permutations of the furniture you own. You can rearrange the position of your bed, dresser and side tables in your bedroom. Shift the Sofas in your living room to different angles or even reshuffle furniture of different rooms to bring in some change.

You will be surprised to see a drastic change in your home and lives by making this simple change. And the biggest advantage this lockdown being, you wouldn’t even have to spend a dime! It may seem a bit of a hassle but every effort would seem worth it.

Biophilic Design

Green Indoors
Get Greenery Inside The Room
Indoor Plants
Indoor Plants That Rejuvenates The Atmosphere

Nature has always played a significant role in our lives and it is going to give you some great benefits when you get it indoors. Biophilic design is not only the latest trend in home decor but it is said to reduce stress and bring in peace and calm into your lives. It has health benefits too and enhances your mood as nothing else can. And that’s exactly what we are looking for during lockdown

Bring in as much natural light as you can into your homes. Apart from giving you Vitamin D, sunlight can brighten you up and keep you in high spirits throughout the day. You may have some greens in your balcony or basement. Try to get some of these indoors plants and try some different indoor planting ideas with different plants. You can make it as simple as placing a money plant in a bottle of water or getting plants that need minimum or no sunlight.

Check out more details on our blog post ‘What Is Biophilic Design & How To Use It In Your Home’

Decorating Spaces

Entryway Decor
Spice Up Your Entryway With Pleasant Decorations
Work From Home Setup
Pleasant Atmosphere Is a Must For Work From Home Set UP

Home decor enhances the look of otherwise dull spaces and brings in the desired ambiance. Start with your entrance as according to Feng Shui the main door of the house is where all the energy comes from. Place a simple pot or decorate your door at the entrance. If you have some home decor items stocked up in your loft use them, else you can utilize simple items like your candles with beautiful candle holders, flower vases, glass bottles, glass jars and boxes to create some DIY Decor.

Spruce up different corners, empty and small places in your rooms and even your bathroom. Since most of us are working from home, it is important to create a nice professional setup where you would love to sit and work. Pull up a table and chair in any corner of your room or just use one side of your dining table or just create a small space in any corner of your room (even without a table and chair). We basically want to assign a space that you can call your workspace and utilize it productively each day. A minimalist decor would do the trick here with your laptop, basic stationery, a simple plant or table lamp, or a table frame!

Simple Changes

Simple Changes
Simple Changes Can Make a Big Difference
Dining Table Setup
Rearangement Of Dining Table Can Attracts Everyone

I’m sure you heard of the saying that “Its the little things that make you happy”. I happen to be a strong believer in that! Make simple changes to your bed covers, rearrange your pillows, and use the best you have in-house. Place a rug or a carpet beside your bed for the warmth effect. We usually have this mentality of saving the best for the guest! Avoid doing that and use the best for yourself. Life is too short so why not invest the best in yourself. Use the best dining ware and cutlery for yourself and your family. It is important to feel good, pamper, and love yourself. Every moment is life-changing live it to your fullest.

Invest time and not money in these simple life-changing hacks for your home and see the change in your attitude. When you wake up to a new change you wake up to a new you!

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