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Buying the Perfect Console Table

By 21centuryweb | Updated September 16, 2021
Buying the Perfect Console Table

Console Tables are usually placed at the most visible corner of your homes. You will come across a wide variety of designs modern, sleek, vintage, or dramatic. It all depends on the style of home you are choosing it for and your personal style for sure.

Where can you place your Console?

Foyer ConsoleVanity console

Decide on where the console is to be placed. This decision does not just depend on the available space but also the functionality you would like to address. Do you just want a style element in the hallway or you would like it to be the quick spot for grabbing your keys and wallet?

Would you like to have it in your Dining room where you could place your fruit bowl, fork and spoon stand, tissue holder, or maybe your water dispenser with glasses? You could use the table desks as storage for the handiest items required while having your meals. Table Mats, Napkins, additional cutlery are a few things that quickly come to mind.

If you decide on having it in your bedroom then you can utilize the tabletop for quite a few things. A nice family photo frame, a table lamp, or home decoration things that adds warmth to the bedroom. A bedroom console table definitely demands storage so you can decide between a chest of drawers or a simple console table with drawers where you can keep your knick-knacks.

Buying the right console table is of utmost importance. Appropriate size and design of the console table are both factors that need to be considered. Console tables that are too large for your wall will make the space more cramped up and will mar the look of your room rather than enhancing it. The mirrored Console Tables at All Home Living have been our all-time favorites as they complement any style of homes. They can spruce up a vintage look, modern look, or contemporary look with equal glam.

How to style your table?

Semi circle ConsoleConsole table

A Console Table is rather incomplete without a wall accent. You can augment its beauty with a wall mirror. The benefit of adding a wall mirror to the console table is boundless. If you are placing the console in your bedroom with a wall mirror it will act as a beautiful dresser. In the Dining Room it not just adds space to the room but according to Vaastu placement of mirror in a Dining Room is quite auspicious as it enhances health and wealth. And when you place it at the entry way it’s nice to have a last look at yourself before leaving home.

Wall art is limitless you can intensify the console table by having a classy metal wall art. Or a beautiful frame that brings the room to life. How about a fruit bowl still life painting at the Dining?

If you have not thought of where you are going to place your wall clock, then this is the right place for it. A vintage or modern Cuckoo Clock will beautify the space.

With all the pro styling tips on hand, buying your favorite Console Table at AHL Store will be a smooth experience

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