AHL Lounge | Colloquy with Manish Dikshit of Aum Architects

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manish dixit

Gestating eclectic designs with refinement and responsiveness irrespective of scale and domain, are key to the projects he builds. Featuring in top national and international magazines for his impeccable style of design, his projects range from sprawling townships to urban scale master plans. Bringing more than 460 projects to completion under his able tutelage, he is the founder of the globally acclaimed Interior Design and Architectural firm AUM Architects. AHL Lounge has a dialogue with Ar. Manish Dikshit, whose passion and dedication for Architecture & Design are truly inspirational.

Living Room with Wall Gallery
Classic Living Room with an eccentric Coffee Table

This inspiring designer acknowledges Ar. Ravi Sarangan of Edifice Consultants to have been his greatest source of inspiration for his sheer magnificence of design and work ethics.

Colors and Shapes adorn this vibrant bedroom corner

Signature Style

Manish Dikhshit’s signature style has been evolving over the years owing to travel influences. Paying prime focus to innovation his inclination has always been towards classical and art deco style. He defines his style of work as “global Indian design”. An eclectic fusion of form, color, and materials helps in the creation of bespoke and diverse designs.  

Aesthetically Designed Bedroom

Pandemic Challenges

“The current situation bought with it a new set of challenges. Our firm would take pride in the timely completion of projects. But, the paucity of labor and material hit timelines once work commenced post lockdown. This was veritably a challenge we faced for a few months”, expresses Manish.  

A huge canvas - Manish Dikshit's favorite Project
Every Corner of this space exudes style

Favorite Project

“Fashioning the look of a chic 10 bedroom apartment was intriguing for the sheer volume of the canvas. Leveraging the immense faith and liberty bestowed by the client we collaborated with multiple artists and vendors to tailor an impeccable apartment utilizing quite a few mediums”, says Manish

Chic Bedroom Style
A simple yet charming Bedroom

Immersive technology is changing the face of design, assesses Manish. Today, the client can view his built and furnished space much ahead of time. This beforehand experience helps understand client’s requirements more effectively and brings out the best in designers too. Devising a sustainable lifestyle by infusing smart home technology is not just trendy but also the need of the hour, advices Manish Dikshit.

Simple and Elegant Bedroom Design
An Alluring Bedroom with geometric headboard

Aum Architects is a Mumbai based firm and you can build an elegant and timeless home by reaching out to them @aumarchitects or Email: [email protected]

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