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Power Amplifiers

Shop for power amplifiers online at the best prices in India at All Home Living. Choose from the best assortment of power amps by famous brands like Focal and Marantz across the world.

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More Power For Incredible Audio Entertainment

Entertainment – be it audio or video – now depends heavily on streaming content from various digital libraries and online platforms. Do you love listening to the internet radio? Then you probably realize how frustrating it can be at times when the signal is weak and your favorite songs cannot be played out well through headphones or speakers. This is exactly the kind of situation when power amps can come to your rescue. Power amplifier directly amplifies the power levels of weak audio signals to enable a flawless playback experience.

All Home Living now brings you an amazing array of high-grade power amplifier types from the best brands around the world. Browse through our exciting collection today to avail the lowest power amplifier price ever.

Power Amps – Versatile, Multi-Purpose, Specialized Audio Equipment

If you thought power amps were only for remarkably clear playback of your audio files, you will definitely be delighted to discover more about power amplifier applications. Want to add that extra zing to your jamming sessions? A power amp can help you achieve that! It can amplify input signals from your electric guitar to a high level that can be played out with exceptional clarity on speakers.

For better results, sound experts recommend using the combination of a preamp and a power amp. The preamp works on boosting weak output signals from your guitar to line levels. And power amplifiers take this a step further by boosting signals beyond line levels so that they can be impeccably delivered through speakers. The power amplifier circuit features tubes capable of enhancing the warmer tones of audio signals.

Take the energy of your instrumental sessions to exciting new levels with power amplifier 4 channel versions brought to you by All Home Living. The high-grade devices from reputed brands offer unrivaled performance in amplifying weak audio signals.

User-Friendly, Safe And Powerful

Power amplifier home theater from established brands such as Marantz and Denon are notable for their sleek design that exudes class and blends in wonderfully with contemporary or traditional décor. Detailed installation instructions and user guides accompanying the devices make them easy to install and exceptionally user-friendly.

Thanks to the meticulous designing process of the power amplifier board, these devices also score high in terms of safety. To put it differently, you can enjoy your music sessions without worrying about issues such as overheating or short circuits. Visit All Home Living today for more details on these high-grade power amps.

Buy Power Amplifier Online At Lowest Price In India

With the best power amplifiers, you will no longer have issues of delays, distortions, or variations while playing music files from different digital sources. No matter how uneven or weak the input signals are, the power amplifier circuit will help enhance audio signals so that you get to hear realistic, crisp, and clear sound.

The dedicated team of product experts at All Home Living will help you choose the perfect power amp for your specific needs. And with our unbeatable seasonal offers, you can be sure of making your purchase at the most affordable power amplifier price.


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