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Sound Bars

Wireless Soundbars that will elevate the home-cinema experience. Stylish, sleek, and portable these soundbar speakers are a great addition to your Living Room. Shop from our wide range of Bluetooth Soundbars at best prices online in India from brands like DALI, Denon, Harman Kardon, JBL, Focal, etc.


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Soundbars For an Unmatched Audio Experience

A sleek audio system that takes no space and offers high-quality sound. Yes, we’re talking about soundbars. Soundbars for televisions are thin and sleek with speakers inside. We all love watching our favorite movies with the highest sound quality.

However, sometimes the space in our rooms does not allow us to install a surround sound system. It is where soundbars bring the change. Soundbars for TV are sleek and can even be wall-mounted. They take little to no space in your room and produce amazing sound quality. A thin rectangular-shaped bar with speakers and technicalities inside makes a soundbar.

Many top brands today build soundbars due to their high demand. Soundbar JBL and Soundbars Harman Kardon are some of the best soundbar brands.

What to consider when buying soundbars for television?

Now that you’ve decided to upgrade your audio experience, let us see what you need to consider. You will find different brands of soundbars available online at All Home Living. However, you need to consider and evaluate some things before choosing the best soundbar for your home.

  1. Number of Channels
  2. The first thing you need to know is the number of channels a soundbar offers. You can find two to three-channel soundbars out there. We recommend you buy a soundbar with at least 3 sound channels. Soundbars with three channels can simulate surround sound for a more riveting experience.

  3. Active Vs Passive Soundbars
  4. Passive soundbars do not come with an in-built amplifier. So, you’ll need an additional amplifier to work. Although the sound quality is better in passive speakers, they cost extra with an amplifier. Active soundbars come with an in-built amplifier. It powers the channel processors, center speaker, and soundbar. So, you won’t need any extra equipment or wiring. Active soundbars offer 2 in 1 benefits.

  5. Check Connectivity
  6. The connectivity of the soundbar is crucial. You need to consider its connectivity options with your other devices. Most soundbars these days come with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. It allows you to stream music from a computer, laptop, or mobile phone. Soundbars for tv should come with HDMI switching and a port to connect with the TV.

  7. Placement
  8. Placement is the first reason why we’re buying soundbars. Since soundbars are sleek and modern, they do not take much space. However, you need to consider if you’ll mount it to the wall or place it on a table. Mostly, soundbars are as wide as your TV. So, you can hang the soundbar above or below your TV or place it on a table below the TV.

  9. Best Dealers

Soundbars are expensive and a one-time investment. You will not like to fall prey to bad dealers. You should always buy a soundbar for TV India from an authorized dealer. An authorized dealer will offer warranty, service, and support to the buyer. At All Home Living, we have soundbar JBLsoundbar DALI, soundbars Harman Kardon, soundbars Bose, and many more top brands.

Selecting the Best Soundbars for your TV

Soundbars are sleek and chic loudspeakers that will add to the beauty of your home along with the rhythm of the music. They are way different in design from your tall tower speakers or wall-mounted speakers. They are specifically designed to be sleek and narrow for acoustic benefits. You can style the Soundbar for your TV by placing them on the top or at the bottom of your TV, their compact design matching the length of your TV adds great appeal to your Living room. The Soundbar speaker is a great option if you are looking at a pocket-friendly Bluetooth speaker. The best Soundbar with a woofer will surely give great quality sound but may not match the audile of speakers and surround sound that fills the room. The Soundbar with a subwoofer or without can be connected with minimal or no assistance.


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Purchasing the Perfect Soundbars

When you are putting a hole in your pocket it better be worth it. We at All Home Living consider all these factors to guide you while buying the perfect Soundbar for your TV – The objective of placing a Soundbar, the size of your room, and your budget.

Bluetooth Soundbars are a beneficial pick as you can connect your TV or your Smartphone to listen to your favorite music. You can also host some memorable parties installing the best sound speaker system in your home.

Have you noticed the number mentioned with the name of your Soundbar, for instance, we have the JBL 3.1 Soundbar, JBL Bar 2.0, or JBL Bar 5.1. The first number denotes channels and the second denotes the presence of a subwoofer or not. 2 channels and a subwoofer is great for just getting a better TV sound effect while a 5.1 will give your home the surround sound feel.

While Denon Soundbars, JBL Soundbars, and a lot of other topmost brands are invading the market. Selecting the perfect Soundbar for your home all depends on your personal requirement.  A home theatre soundbar to provide you with an immersive sound experience, A soundbar with a subwoofer to give every favorite movie and music the perfect bass, Bluetooth soundbars to enjoy streaming your favorites at your comfort, and much more.

Buying Soundbars Online from All Home Living

To provide you with the best experience at your homes we at AHL offer you a Wireless Soundbar and Speakers from the best brands. The Soundbars price is the best available in India. Our team of professionals in the field of acoustics will guide you in selecting the best Soundbars that are compact portable and a great fit for your home. Contact us for further details on Home theatre and Sound System installations.


Soundbars are a great option for homes where space for speakers is a problem. You can get a home theatre experience by soundbars and save space. Soundbars provide a great audio experience in rooms of all sizes. If you are looking for the best soundbars online, then All Home Living has some great options for you. We have top brand soundbars at reasonable prices.

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