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Embroidered bedspreads that are worth a second look

By Farida Khanbhadur | Updated April 13, 2022
Embroidered bedspreads that are worth a second look

These bedspreads have beautiful embroidery on them, that is worth a second look. Explore the embroidered bedspreads and discover how these classy designs complete the look of your bed. This adds a glamorous element to your bed and bedroom decor. Bedspreads are an important part of any bedroom decor.

Lily White Jacquard Embroidery Bedspread

Embroidery Bedspread
Cream embroidery quilted bedspread with pillow cover


Surrender to the beauty of floral motifs. A floral design motif runs all over the quilt in a chequered pattern. This embodies a lively and fresh feel to the embroidered bedspread. Beautifully embroidered in a pastel brown shade and quilted all over in cream shade. They have beautiful scallops on all four sides. This will expand the boundaries of creativity and sophistication.

Floral Motif Embroidery Bedspread

Embroidery Bedspread
Beige floral embroidery bedspread with pillow cover


This floral motif bedspread resorts to one of the finest floral pattern embroidery. Completely machine embroidered quilt with precision, this makes it easy to take care of. Embroidered quilts have to be frequently washed to maintain hygiene. So always prefer a quilt and bedspread that is machine washable.

Victorian Floral Embroidery Bedspread

Embroidery Bedspread
Brown color embroidery bedcover with pillow covers


This victorian floral bedspread has a beautiful intricate embroidery to give a feel of sophistication to your bedroom. The borders of the bedspread are uniform to form geometric grid insets.

Geometric Patterned Bedspread

Embroidery Bedspread
Grey embroidery quilted bedspread


Give a modern luxury bedding look to your room with these beautiful geometric embroidered bedspreads. So with a geometric quilts panel running through the middle of the bedspread. This will add a vibrant feel to your bed. Geometric and abstract bedspreads always add a modern feel to your bedroom decor.

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