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Entryway Decor Ideas To Make An Impressive First Impression

By Farida Khanbhadur | Updated January 11, 2022
Entryway Decor Ideas To Make An Impressive First Impression

The foyer ideas or the modern entryway ideas of a house creates a first impression on the guests on the type of house and the decor you have . You can welcome your visitors in a hall with a perfect console table at the entryway, or a huge venetian mirror welcoming them in a lobby or it can be a grand chandelier which attracts attention. Always use the entryway to place statement showpieces to create a grand and exciting first impression on the visitor. Here are few small entryway decor ideas to make an impressive first impression.

Adding An Exclusive Chandelier

Entryway Decor Ideas
Glorious Chandelier To Eluminate The Entryway

This beautiful foyer entrance ideas is designed by Beyond Designs Firm (Renowed designers of Delhi) . By adding classic pillars at the entrance creates a grand entry with striking black & white marble inlay flooring. The glorious crystal chandelier in the middle of the foyer creates an astonishing visual with its design and lighting. The perfect lighting can always make your home look fabulous.

Adding Vibrant Colours In Foyer

Vibrant Colors For Foyer Area
Vibrant Colors To Simply Rejuvenate The Foyer Area

The rich colour of this foyer area is what attracts our attention. mustard, blue and red seems like a perfect combination. The statement console table is what draws our attention as we enter this foyer area. Think of the entry way ideas to choose the best foyer mirror for your foyer area. The printed floral wall paper makes the wall look attractive, with a combination of framed wall mirrors in rectangle and square shape. To complete the foyer area look the console table is decorated with table lamps and designer vases.

Creating Textured Wall At the Entryway

Designer Textured Wall At The Entryway

This marvellous modern foyer area is designed by Sanjyt Singh known for Quirky and bold combinations. The styled products are from the forest collection from designer Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba, which creates a fantasy feel in the room. The black textured wall enhances the vibrant look to this entry lounge. The Tiffany blue ultra luxury sofas sets the right tone to this lounge. Adorn your naked walls in the right way by creative wall decor ideas.

We all know how important it is to have a good first impression when you step inside of your home. One of the best ways to get that great first impression is by creating an awesome entryway decor ideas. The entryway of your home is almost like an office lobby. You want it to be welcoming and appealing to guests.

Decorating The Wall With Exclusive Painting

Exclusive Paitning
Exclusive Paitning For Foyer Area Wall

A statement sofa with a perfect evergreen painting is all you need to create the perfect entryway wall decor ideas for your home. The stylish console is decorated with a big vase and a perfect showpiece. Keep things minimum on the console, too many things will make the space look cluttered. This entryway decor idea seems very easy to implement.

Adding Combination Tiles at Entrance

Crisscross Tiles
Crisscross Tiles Flooring At Entryway

Adding combination tiles in your entryway creates a grandeur look by attracting attention to the tiles. If the tiles are glossy it will reflect the light and make the space look more glamorous.

By just keeping in mind any of the above entryway decor ideas, you can make your entry way look richer and flamboyant.


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