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Balcony Decoration with these 4 Voguish Ideas

By 21centuryweb | Updated April 25, 2022
Balcony Decoration with these 4 Voguish Ideas

2020 has finally given us a chance to pay heed to the words of W.H.Davies which were penned down way back in 1911 in my favorite poem Leisure.

What is this life if, full of care,

We have no time to stand and stare

Let’s grab this opportunity that life has given us and pay attention to the small details in life that make us happy. Take the chance to step out and admire nature. Utilize this time in making yours a beautiful space to live in. Decorating your balcony is one of the little things that you could focus on. Titivate your balcony with these stylish ideas

Comfortable Seating

Balcony hanging chair
Comfortable Outdoor Chairs To Enjoy The Me Time In Balcony

Need that extra chair at your outdoor destination? Instead of lugging around a bulky, uncomfortable folding chair, when you’re at the apartment balcony, patio, or any other outdoor venue where large groups might convene – bring a comfortable outdoor chair! Summertime just wouldn’t be the same without backyard barbecues and picnics with friends. Take the time to make sure you have a comfy seat in these apartment balcony ideas.

Comfort seating in balcony
Comfort Seating On Beanbag In Balcony

A balcony is the choicest place to relax and read the newspaper or book, thus seating is of utmost importance. You can select from a range of comfortable seating available in beautiful designs. You can go for stylish chairs, armchairs and a table which would be a great option for morning breakfast or evening tea. A bean bag, pouffe, or floor cushions also make for budget-friendly and swanky seating. Laze around by hanging a swing or a hammock and you can also add a quirky bench or an antique rocking chair to give your balcony decoration a glam quotient.

Illume with Lighting

Hanging Light
Hanging Pendant Light To Eluminate The View In Balcony
String Lights
String Lights To Get The Soft & Subtle LIghting

Enliven your balconies with beautiful hanging lights. You can choose from the range of beautiful hanging lights for balcony. You can keep it simple and easy by adding candles and candle holder, fiesta, or string lights. Hang in a lantern or Pendant lights for that royal visage. Get wall lamps, designer lights or other decorative wall lights to adorn the walls. Apart from twinkling up your space, the lights can add a style statement to your calm and cozy porch.

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Balcony Ornamentation

Chic balcony work space
Chick Balcony Work Space For Home Office
Wall Art Painting
Decorative Wall Art Paiting For Balcony

Seating and Lighting that we mentioned were to do with the functionality, equally important is the adornment of your balcony with non-functional decorations. You can add some chic wall accents like wall art, a mirror, or a pretty wall hanging. You can also hang bells and chimes or add figurines, photo frames set, flower vases or showpieces at the corners or on the table. The key to ornamentation is to keep it minimalistic. Too much makes the look shabby and also difficult to maintain.

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Go Green

Railing planters
Plants To Maket Your Balcony Railing Attractive
Wall planters
Eco-friendly Atmosphere In Balcony With Wall Planters

Wondering why this is the last on the list? Well, plants are a balcony staple. Indoor plants rejuvenate the small place in the balcony. They are the basic addition to any porch to make it look effortlessly beautiful. What you could experiment with, is the style in which you place these plants. You can place some lovely pots and planters on the floor, hang planters on the wall or hang them on rods, use mason jars and bottles to add elegance with some DIY effort. You could also have a nice little balcony kitchen garden if growing conditions are favorable. But you ought to go GREEN!!

Bedeck your balcony with these simple and smart balcony decoration ideas and tranquilize your small space. Utilize your cozy space to meditate, read your morning newspaper, or make it your comfort library to read books. Your porch can become a serene workplace or just a place where you unwind and enjoy nature’s bliss. Let me tell you that,

“This is the time to turn at beauty’s glance,

And watch her feet, how they can dance.”

Leisure, W.H.Davies


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