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Monster creates the most consumer-friendly, high-performance headphones, speakers, HDMI cables, and power solutions. Monster Inc. is an American company that manufactures and markets about 6,000 products but is best known for audio and video cables.

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Monster Audio: A New Era of Powerful Sound

If you’re an audio lover, Monster might not be an unknown name to you. All music aficionados know what good quality audio feels like.

Monster Audio is one such brand that has never compromised with its quality. The brand makes rugged speakers with stunning audio quality featuring a rich sound.

We’ve all heard people say that music sets us free. Everyone loves music and the pleasure it brings. However, what makes or breaks the audio experience is the machine in which the music is played. Not even your favorite song sounds good if the speakers are not powerful. We can feel you, and we know how crucial it is for you to enjoy your music. No one wants to play their music on a system that provides bad sound quality. If you’re a true music lover, we know how extremely particular you can be about your speakers. Well, it is why we recommend Monster speakers to audiophiles.

Monster Audio offers awesome sound clarity and balance with a powerful bass boost. So, if you’re a music lover and you don’t like to miss a beat, then the exclusive collection of Monster Speakers is made for you.

Monster has made a name for itself in the music industry for many years. Its audience blindly trusts its speaker collection. The best part about Monster speakers is the experience of stunning quality music at affordable prices.

What Monster Audio Offers?

  • Headphones: No matter what type of music you prefer, Monster has a headphone for all experiences. Monster headphones have a sonic profile and match your listening experience. From in-ear and on-ear to over-ear headphones, Monster offers a wide range of headphone types. Each Monster headphone is designed to solve a purpose. Monster offers easy-to-carry Bluetooth headphones, traditional wired headphones, and earbuds for sports or travel.
  • Cables: When it comes to cables, Monster offers a wide variety of products. You can choose from a legendary line of Monster cables at All Home Living. The cables are built with compromising quality. From HDMI to USB cables, Monster has a solution for all your needs. They also offer headphone cables, speakers, baby plugs, optical cables, adapters, and many more. All the cables deliver a great experience.
  • Speakers: The brand’s name is enough to tell the kind of quality it offers. Well, Monster speakers offer pure monster sound wherever you go. These speakers give a pure listening pleasure at home or wherever you are. The best part about Monster speakers is their portability. Most Monster speakers are portable and easy to carry. So, even if you’re having a pool party, all you need is a set of Monster speakers.
  • Power: With one of the widest range of products, Monster offers electronic equipment for its customers. You can protect your devices with Monster’s line of surge protectors and power solutions. These protectors come with multiple AC outlets, USB ports, and clean power filters. They come with distinguished properties to block interference and fireproofing to prevent sort circuits.

Top Products by Monster Audio

  1. Monster Adventurer Force Bluetooth Speaker: These speakers by Monster are designed and engineered to deliver best-in-class performance with zero distortion at any volume. The 20W*2 dual speakers and multiple stereo effects combine left and right channels to create 40 watts audio performance. With Bluetooth 5.0 technology, these speakers are waterproof for outdoor or indoor use.
  2. Monster Blaster Black: One of the most stunning speakers by Monster, these have bi-directional drivers for direct and reflected sound. The SoftPlay technology optimizes and balances for the same impact at high or low volume. They are portable with an integrated handle and a USB charging device. Water-resistant built for outdoor parties.
  3. Monster Silver Advanced Performance Digital Coax Audio Cable: When we set up our audio systems, the cables we use play a crucial role. If you wish to connect your sound sources to your home theatre receiver, then Monster Silver Digital Coax is the best cable for you. It is ideal for both stereo and surround systems. These cables enhance your home theatre experience many times. Order yours from All Home Living.
  4. Monster Icon Active Headphones: The Monster Icon ANC Bluetooth headphones are designed for the most impactful music experience possible. The comfortable over-ear headphones offer a rich bass sound with noise-cancelling technology. They have Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for easy travel. The battery life lasts up to 30 hours on a single charge.
  5. Monster Flex: Talk about the perfect Bluetooth headphone set, and Monster Flex will top the list. With an 8-hour playtime and speakerphone, the headphones offer active noise cancellation.
  6. Monster Clarity 102 Airlinks Wireless Earbuds: Engineered by Noel Lee, they have a unique digital audio processor. The rich bass and enhanced clarity of these Bluetooth earbuds offer professional sound quality. It comes with a built-in dual microphone and an ergonomic design.


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