Make Your Home Sustainable With These Tips

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Sustainable Home

A sustainable home not only is great for the environment, but it’s good for the energy in your house, and for you to maintain. We show you why, and how, to make your home sustainable in this article.

With all the news and talk of climate change, our awareness of trying to be sustainable in everything we do is heightened. And there are many ways we can be sustainable. By buying local, by shunning fast fashion, by consuming less single-use plastic. 

A beautifully styled Living room with Dining
A beautifully designed Sustainable Living Area by Kasturi Relekar

But one of the biggest ways you can be sustainable is through your home. We don’t realize how much waste our home produces. And how it’s impacting the environment. And look, maybe you don’t want to do it to impact the climate. But you want to have a sustainable, eco-friendly home just for you to feel better as a human being living off of the earth’s resources. 

One of the biggest ways you can maintain a sustainable home, and one that’s often overlooked, is by buying quality furniture. When you buy quality furniture, you reduce furniture wastage. 

Eco friendly corner
An Eco Friendly Corner of a Room Designed by Essajee Atelier

Quality furniture is made with more durable material than “fast furniture”. You’re not going to dispose of it as quickly as you would any cheaper furnishings. Because it’s made with high-quality, real material like wood, glass and real metal, this furniture comes in timeless, elegant styles. It’s not a trendy cheap lamp you pick up at a furniture chain store. Which means that you won’t feel the need to replace this furniture as often as you would “fast furniture”. This helps in reducing furniture waste at dump sites. 

Mirrored furniture
Mirrored Furniture Dressing Area

Another benefit is that because this furniture comes in timeless designs, it’s easy for you to match other pieces with it. Items like mirrored furniture and hand blown glass will look amazing for ages and go with all types of home decor themes

Pendant light
Hand Blown Glass Pendant Light

It’s also easy (and environment-friendly) to maintain high-quality, handmade furniture. You only need natural elements like water, oil, and maybe some soap to clean them. It’s easy to wash cotton bedding, wool throws and rugs made from natural fibers

Blue Paisley Cotton Bedspread
Sustainable Cotton Bedding

Handcrafted, sturdy furniture is the type you can pass down from generation to generation. You can move houses and it won’t get damaged. Even if it does, it’s easy to fix because it’s made from real materials, or you can simply take it back to the craftsman or local shop that manufactured it.

We understand, of course, that this type of furniture doesn’t come cheap. Each piece is a few times more expensive than the cheaper mass-produced furniture. Which is why fast furniture is so popular. 

A well lit and Eco Friendly office space by Quirk Studio

But consider that you don’t need to furnish your entire house at once. You can buy one piece of beautiful, handcrafted furniture at a time. This way you might be furnishing your home over a period of one year. But guess what? Your home will look exquisite because you took your sweet time in matching each item to your space and theme. All your furnishings look classy and unique. And you won’t spend again and again replacing cheap furniture. And we all know that homes with organic, natural materials have better energy. 

But the biggest reward is that the earth will thank you. 

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